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Keine Ahnung wie? Fair Fashion Aktivistin Cherie Birkner von @sustainblefashionmatterz erklärt fashion activism for lazy people


Why do I come around the corner today with the 70 percent is the new perfect approach? I just say: coincidence. Because today I bought a copy of BRIGITTE be green for the first time. And I just discovered the interview online that Alexandra Zykunov gave to muxmäuschenwild magazine (attention: maximum recommended reading material).

the new perfect

What does that have to do with each other?

Both topics have to do with Alexandra Zykunov, who also propagates the “70 percent approach”. Alexandra is a journalist and inventor as well as managing editor of BRIGITTE be green. In January I was able to welcome her to the GREENSTYLE panel at the #PrePeek Talks at NEONYT in Berlin. Together with Dirk Meycke (Phyne) and Kim Gerlach (sun.and.rise) we talked about influencers, greenfluencers and all other -fluencers and the associated marketing. Perfect match or just a bubble?

the new perfect

In focus: the topics of this time

And I just discovered her name in the muxmäuschenwild interview. I always enjoy reading them because a) they are entertaining and b) they always have interesting, non-mainstream people. Today I was not disappointed either. On the contrary. Alexandra speaks in my way. Quite apart from the fact that it starts with her being angry (a state I share), she gets right to the point. The topics of this time: climate crisis and feminism. Equal rights for both parents. Creative exchange via video call (which doesn’t really work) …

We don’t need a handful of people…

But at one point I got stuck and still think about it. I’ve always said that we don’t need a handful of people to do everything perfectly (which doesn’t work anyway). We need millions of people to do it. Whatever. Better a first step than none. Alexandra summed it up perfectly.

70 percent is the new perfect

With that in mind: raise your cups and begin. There is so much to do. Let’s get started. You don’t know how I am very fortunate to be part of a great community. And here you will find everything you need for a (more) sustainable lifestyle:

  • Do you want to live plastic-free and don’t know how to do it? Then take a look at Charlotte’s @plastikfreileben.
  • Marisa reveals how to get by with less rubbish on @myfairladies.
  • You can find sustainable lifestyle products stylishly curated (keyword: Christmas gifts) at Sandra at lai-chun.com
  • Tinker Christmas decorations yourself? Alex has summarized her great and garbage-free tips in a book: “Zero Waste Christmas” (TOPP Verlag)
  • Sustainable yoga wear, fairly produced jeans, sustainable sneakers? You can find them in our Brand Directory on GREENSTYLE

the new perfect

And: use your voice. You don’t have to go out with a sign. Cherie from Sustainable Fashion Matterz wrote a wonderful guide (Activism for lazy people). I also interviewed the activist and photographer. 

Fashion revolution is every day.

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