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Mirjam Smend

It must also be different, I thought, and in mid-2016, after sixteen years, I gave up my editor's job for writing on my-GREENstyle.com about all the wonderful lifestyle topics that make our lives more beautiful. And I do that with maximum enthusiasm. But now in green.

Yes, I love fashion. And I love traveling. Cosmetic products? Sure, of course! But after sixteen years as an online editor, a print editor, a senior editor ... in high-gloss magazines (GLAMOUR, ELLE), I have seen so many trends come and go and realized that I have to do something different. I had no desire to call new trends every day and to follow them. Today bomber jacket, tomorrow Parka, oh, a small kimono jacket is also needed ...

And what´s about on my-GREENstyle.com?

And that's why I started my-GREENstyle.com. This is not about renunciation. Perhaps a bit "less is more". But in any case, the blogzine is about great green lifestyle. It is about fantastic fair fashion, innovative materials, wonderful fashion and beauty labels, maximally motivated makers, who have courageously transformed their sustainable ideas into reality. Every day, they make a lot of compromises and accept reductions. But they all share a common vision: respect for people and the environment. With their great products, they offer us the opportunity to live a stylish lifestyle with a clear conscience while at the same time making the world a little bit better.

And what else are we doing?

The longer I am concerned with the topic of sustainability (even though I do not like the term), the happier it makes me feel that I can make my small contribution to a better world on a daily basis. This is why I am writing not only on my-GREENstyle.com, but as a freelance author on established fashion magazines such as VOGUE and GLAMOUR, try to inspire fashion-minded readers with sustainable themes for a great green lifestyle. I support social projects like the children's development organisation Plan. And because you can achieve more together, I've launched the #FairFashionForward Blogger Lounge in Munich. And also as Fashion Revolution Ambassador, I have a lot of ideas. There is so much to do. Let's tackle it!

In this sense: Welcome to the good side of power. And I can always say only: That feels so impertinently good. Because stylish lifestyle is also green! Have fun discovering and reading.


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The my-GREENstyle.com team

These are Mirjam and Florens. Mirjam takes care of the content and Florens about everything that makes my-GREENstyle.com what it is. He does the editing, takes care of the technical processing with the wonderful programmer Vanda, the English edition, eCommerce topics and as a graphic designer makes sure that the page looks as it looks.

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