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Actually, the signs for post-coronal sustainability are very good. People are currently reflecting on essential values ​​such as solidarity and families that have been left behind over the past ten years. Always more. Always faster. Always cheaper was the motto of life. In private as well as professionally. This means that not only the amounts on the landfills are growing. This has also increased the burnout rates. Crisis as an opportunity

The result of more and more? Overflowing landfills and growing burn-out rates.

With Corona came a break that mankind did not expect. Suddenly we are forced to slowness (subconsciously longed for). If we want to or not. And after just a week, boredom breaks out everywhere. You start jogging, learn languages, meditate. This is followed by online meetings and cooking courses, challenges to everything and something else on social media … (meaningful) deceleration you have to learn first. But, and that’s pretty positive, overall, people are just humble enough to give sustainability a chance. The signs are good.

The chances for sustainability are better than ever. Crisis as an opportunity

The question is what happens after the crisis. Which of the small fair fashion brands will survive? And what can be expected from the consumer? Can we rely on him or does he immediately fall back into old behavior and consumption patterns: power shopping because it is possibel again. Weekend air travel – no matter where – because it is allowed again. Whether sustainability will make its breakthrough will depend on how we save the positive attitude to sustainability through the crisis. And we all have to contribute to that.

We have to prepare an appropriate stage for this topic.

Thank you, Thimo Schwenzfeier for this quote, which I hereby borrow. What will this stage look like in my case? I will continue to be committed to sustainable fashion. Even if the 4th edition of the GREENSTYLE has failed and I am standing in front of an XL pile of broken glass. We are busy putting the GREENSTYLE online. We support eco brands wherever we can by giving them visibility. We get such great feedback that it drives us on. Inquiries – also off the website – from people who ask us for our opinion, assessment, support. And we are very proud of that. And as my father always said: “Nothing is impossible”.

Whether sustainability has a chance in (or especially after) these “special times”?

I do not want to doubt that the time after Corona will be different. But I strongly hope that it is better in at least some areas. And I’ll do everything I can to make things better.

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