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Immer wieder begegne ich Produkten, die mich begeistern. Meine liebsten teile ich ab sofort mit Euch.


It’s been a long time since I featured products. But I constantly come across great topics and equally exciting products, which I would like to give space to with this article. From creams with a wonderful consistency to practical tools that make life easier to hotels that inspire me. Without regularity. Without obligation. Whenever I come across fair favorites.

Fair favorites

Revolución by Carner Barcelona // Fragrance for rebels

‘ve known the scents from Carner Barcelona for a long time (thanks, Ala, for the introduction back then). The floral-powdery “Tardes” accompanied me for a long time. Also to Spain, where this brand (the name suggests) has its home. With the new addition “Revolución”, Carner Barcelona, inspired by the industrial and social revolution, has not only captured the current zeitgeist and immortalized it in fragrance form in the iconic bottle. With “Revolución”, Carner has created the perfect scent for rebellious people like me who are all about change. About changing the system and rediscovering values in our society. Why do I like the scent so much? This is not easy to describe. A sophisticated mix of leather and orange blossom perhaps?
REVOLUCIÓN by Carner Barcelona, Eau de Parfum (50ml), 105 euros.

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Faire Favoriten


Fumblefree Jewellery // Chain from Pendalock

Sounds weird. But it is like that. Under the motto “form follows function,” Réja has developed a “fumblefree” jewelry collection. No more annoying hassle when trying to close the necklace or bracelet – blindly behind your head or (almost worse) in a mirror image. I’ve been wearing my rose gold Pendalock necklace for months now and I love it. The chain can be closed with just one movement. How did Réka come up with this idea? Dr. Réka Ellrichmann is an anesthesiologist and in her day-to-day job she has a lot to do with people who have to take off their jewelry and then put it back on again. What do they all have in common? The annoying fiddling with the fasteners. Tadaa, and the idea was born.
The Secret pendant Icon rose gold from Pendalock, 285 euros.

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PS: Why do I wear the pendant “upside down”? Because the logo engraving on the back, the two intertwined letters, are the first letters of my daughters’ names: Leni and Pauli.

Fair favorites

Rosy Glow Creme from i+m // for the hole family

I have no idea how many creams I have tried in my life. But what I do know is that the Rosy Glow Cream has impressed me in the long term. The refreshing, airy texture and the fresh, rosy look it leaves behind. Splendid! I don’t really like the smell of roses, but here it doesn’t bother me at all. On the contrary. Maybe this is because i+m only works with natural fragrances. The extra glow comes thanks to mineral mica, which is 100 percent produced in Austria. This gem was developed for normal skin. Even though the strengthening function of the wild rose is aimed at stressed (i.e. my) skin, my daughters used the cream just as enthusiastically as I did.
Rosy Glow Cream from i+m Naturkosmetik Berlin (30ml) 18.90 euros.

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