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Tatort Badezimmer: Es gibt prima Alternativen


Tips for a plastic-free life are actually never too late. It does not matter anyway. Because less plastic in everyday life makes just as much sense in all other eleven months. By the way, my personal plastic-free hero is Charlotte Schüler, who has blogged on this topic for a long time. I also get one or two inspiration from her.

Plastic is so yesterday. There is a great alternative for every tube.

What I definitely got from Charlotte: Understanding how important it is to avoid plastic. And how easy it is to get started. Here, too, applies to me: 70 percent is the new perfect. There is absolutely no point in setting your goals too high. I just remember the plastic-free gurus who can put all of their plastic waste of the year in a jam jar. This builds up unnecessary pressure, leads to frustration and ultimately to a relapse into old behavior patterns or leads to the fact that one becomes discouraged and does not even start with a change.

When I was asked (weeks ago!) By the Less Waste Club in Munich whether I would take part in the challenge and present a few tips, I immediately accepted. With their products, the Munich visionaries Rosalie and Max want to contribute to reducing a large part of the plastic waste in daily use by making things easier. Means: make hand soap, shower gel, shampoo with their sets easy peasy yourself and save rubbish and plastic.Discover here >>>

My tips for a plastic-free life in the bathroom

Bad news first: The bathroom is the epicenter of the plastic madness in our four walls. Good news: It’s crazy easy to swap things here.

DIY: body cream

I got this cream as a present from my daughter Leni. She Googled the recipe, got the various ingredients and finally poured it into an old honey jar. The remaining ingredients are in our kitchen and are used up gradually because they are all edible. Unfortunately, she no longer knows which recipe she used. You are sure to find the right recipe for you. There are good instructions at Utopia >>>

Plastikfreier leben

Toothbrush tablets instead of toothpaste tubes

Instead of ugly squashed toothpaste tubes, we have tooth pills in the glass (there was once vanilla sauce in it) on the vanity. It doesn’t just look better. This makes maximum sense, especially when traveling. I then pack as many pills as I need for the weekend or the week, so I don’t carry a lot of unnecessary material with me. My tooth tablets are from the WITHOUT supermarket on Schellingstrasse in Munich. But you can also get them everywhere on the net. E.g. at Stop the Water while using me >>>

Plastikfreier leben

Wooden or bamboo toothbrush

Billions of used plastic toothbrushes end up in the garbage every year. It makes perfect sense that toothbrushes can be made from renewable raw materials instead of petroleum. My toothbrush is a press sample from Ringana. Before that I had models from Hydrophil and Humble Brush. Toothbrush hack: Simply saw off the brush part at the end of its service life and use the remainder for the inscription in the herb bed.

Shampoo bars instead of shampoo tubes and bottles

Shampoo without plastic packaging and without microplastics in the product? Go. The secret is: solid shampoo bars. They are now available from numerous manufacturers. My bar is handmade by DIMGO. Diana Gomez produces beautiful natural soaps, shampoo bars and firm body lotions with high-quality natural ingredients according to special traditional recipes and the latest technology in small batches by hand. This is how it works: Rub the bar over wet hair and distribute it well. Lather properly once, then rinse off the soap residue thoroughly with water. Good to know: Due to its economical consumption, a shampoo bar replaces around two bottles of liquid shampoo, depending on the application. Natural soap, shampoo bar and butter bar from DIMGO handmade cost around 13.00 euros each www.dimgohandmade.com

Plastikfreier leben

Cotton swabs made of bamboo instead of plastic

Ideally, one would simply do without cotton swabs – after all, they belong to the category of single-use items made from finite raw materials. However, if they are “indispensable” for the beauty routine, we recommend switching to bamboo cotton swabs. My Outdoor Freakz cotton swabs are made from 100 percent biodegradable bamboo and BPA-free cotton. Good to know: bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on our planet.

Plastikfreier leben

Bian Stone BODY Gua Sha.

A what please? When my daughter Leni asked for a Gua Sha for Christmas I was really at a loss. Now I know more and I have one too. And I’m addicted to the massage trend from Asia. My Gua Cha is made by CHEL Body and made of pure Bian stone, which contains up to 40 trace elements. This can promote the regeneration of the skin and alleviate internal inflammation. Quite apart from that, the Gua Cha is said to have anti-aging and anti-cellulite properties that I really like to believe in. Definitely try: Warm the Gua Cha in warm water and then use it on the skin … Hmmm … Available from the fantastic natural cosmetics online shop Genuine Selection, which has countless other treasures in addition to the Chel Gua Sha.

Plastikfreier leben

Eyeshadow: Refill meets bamboo

Instead of always throwing away the whole pallet, it makes sense to use a brand that has a refill system and you only have to replace the small inlays. This works for Baims, for example. Eyeshadow empty – simply order a refill in the desired color, which is held in the pallet via a magnet. It’s also made of bamboo, by the way. I have had my palette for a few years, which you can see after numerous trips etc. But it is also clear that the less is more concept works. Less garbage. More good for the environment More good for the environment >>>

Plastikfreier leben

Deodorant from the cardboard box

The fact that I am a fan of the Berlin natural cosmetics brand i + m and its philosophy should not surprise anyone here. It is never missing in my few beauty posts. That may be because I use their products regularly. Like the (plastic-free!) Deodorant stick from the WE REDUCE range. Instead of the classic plastic cover or aluminum packaging, the fresh lemon scent is easily wrapped in FSC paper. Go then! i+m deodorants are also available – just as plastic-free – in other fragrances and packaging forms …

Plastikfreier leben

Facial cleansing in one piece

For me there is really nothing more practical than facial soap. The change is a bit strange at first, but that happens quickly. If you want to try it out: The Cleanser Bar from Stop the Water whlie using me is also available in a trial size. Good to know: I store the small piece on cork so that it can dry nicely after use.

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