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Viele tolle Sachen, die Mama, Freundin (und uns selber) glücklich machen...


Nachhaltige Mode-GeschenkeWin, win, win a BETTIBAG

BETTIBAGS stand out. They must too. They are STATEMENT Bags. Wonderfully colorful. And wonderfully loud. And that’s good. Bettina Keller loves her vintage fabrics. And her sewing machine. And that’s why she transforms old curtains, sofa covers, carnival costumes and creative shoppers, clutches, foldover or beach bags into unique items. Each beautiful to fall in love with.

Bettina gave us one of her wonderful crossbody bags to raffle off. Sure, we chose the one with the Monstera. After all, that was the motif of our 1st edition of GREENSTYLE.

Voilà: Who would like to win the wonderful BETTIBAG?

To win you can follow my-GREENstyle and BETTIBAG on Insta and leave a comment about why you want to win the bag, where you will take it, why you want it … Please also tag a friend so that many people from experience the wonderful BETTIBAGS.

*** The raffle runs until December 15th. – the winner will be notified on December 16th. Participation from the age of 18 with residence in Germany or Austria. ***

Here are sustainable gift tips for beauty fans >>>

Sustainable fashion gifts for your girlfriend, mom or just for yourself

Nachhaltige Mode-Geschenke

Sustainable fashion gifts # 1: Clutch by Friends That Rhyme

Each piece is unique. Made from Asian vintage fabrics or old obi belts, the bags and clutches by Friends That Rhyme are works of art that bridge the gap between tradition and zeitgeist. I got to know and love Sabine (one of the Friends That Rhyme) at the 2nd edition of GREENSTYLE. Since then we’ve done quite a bit together. And my Renaissance clutch accompanies me on all kinds of occasions. Can’t make up your mind among the numerous patterns? Never mind – the clutches can also be rented and “tried”

Price: Renaissance Clutch, 135 euros. At friendsthatrhyme.com


Nachhaltige Mode-Geschenke

Sustainable fashion gifts # 2: Calida x Viktor & Rolf Jumper

I’ve been a long-time fan of the couture collections with the humorous prints (and iconic bows, frills, etc.) by the two Dutchmen. All the better that the sustainable cooperation with the Swiss lingerie brand Calida was continued. The result is not just the wonderful good mood styles, but a 100 percent compostable, Cradle-to-Cradle certified collection. Couture meets Sustainablity for a better World. In addition to my fluffy jumper, there are also wonderfully cozy home wear favorites.

Price: compostable sweatshirt “We want a better World” by VIKTOR & ROLF X CALIDA, around 119.95 euros. At calida.com


Nachhaltige Mode-Geschenke

Sustainable fashion gifts # 3: “Boobie” ring from Hiitu

My “Boobie” ring has been with me since the 1st edition of GREENSTYLE in the Haus der Kunst. Every single day. Aside from the fact that it goes fantastically with my wedding ring, I think the story behind is very beautiful. The sweet pearls are made in the Fairtrade ceramic workshop KAZURI by single mothers and women in need. The final production of the jewelry is carried out by Nicola and her Urban Artifacts Team in Nairobi. My color combination is called Cinnamon & Midnight. But all other combinations and the “stick” models are just as pretty.

Price: “Boobie” ring by Hiitu, around 65 euros. At hiitu.com


Nachhaltige Mode-Geschenke

Sustainable fashion gifts # 4: Wallet No. 2 by DUKTA

I only recently discovered the small leather label DUKTA. After I visited Pascal in his studio near Munich, watched him make a belt from (southern German) cowhide by hand in numerous individual steps and got into his philosophy plus his one-piece origami technique, I’m a fan. His (multiple award-winning) vegetable-tanned wallets are folded from one piece. He has reduced seams down to the essentials, because they are actually only weak points. The result? A wonderfully minimalist but well thought-out wallet that will stay with me for a long time (and get even more beautiful from year to year).

Price: Wallet No. 2 by DUKTA (in brown, cognac, black), around 120 euros. At dukta.de


Nachhaltige Mode-Geschenke

Sustainable fashion gifts # 5: RE.LABEL by SOS Children’s Villages

In October, SOS Children’s Villages launched a fashion accessory to make a statement against global child poverty. I was enthusiastic about the idea of creating visibility for an entire movement in this way from the start. It goes without saying that we support this, because 663 million poor children are 663 million poor children too many. Therefore: be there. Donate, clip on, take photos, share on Insta with the hashtag #RelabelNow. The children need us, you, your friends and family. Giving away RE.LABEL as a donation is a wonderful thing.

Price: Every donation counts. Donate here

Nachhaltige Mode-Geschenke

Sustainable fashion gifts # 6: Shoppers from the Heroine Collection by Nata y Limon

The two Nata y Limon founders Marlene and Anna fell in love with the Mayan culture and handicrafts in Guatemala. Instead of just spending the next vacation there, they founded a social business and are now producing beautiful, timeless bags and interior accessories together with Maya women. This enables these women to have a permanent income. And that is what the handicrafts will keep for future generations. My fluffy new wool shopper (which the cat Greeny also likes to take a nap on) is the home of my laptop, my Sloane Stationary notebook, which I carry with me everywhere and my purchases whenever I forget my shopping bag. In addition to the two inner compartments, the small clutch, in which lipstick, chewing gum etc. can be stowed, ensures order. A website check is worthwhile, because there are great Xmas sets and cute little gifts such as scrunchies and worry dolls.

Prices: New Wool Shopper “Elvira” from the Heroine Collection, around 199 euros. The little purse with worry dolls, for 39 euros. Diamond clutch Fabiola, around 69 euros. Worry doll plus postcard, around 9 euros. Everything from Nata y Limon. nataylimon.de


Nachhaltige Mode-Geschenke

Sustainable fashion gifts # 7: Minimal shoes from Wildling

Gifts with added value? Voilà. I fell in love with the minimal shoes from Wildling at the 2nd edition of GREENSTYLE. And the shooting crew caught it at the 4th edition. Walking barefoot with shoes. Smaller, conscious steps, a lot of space for your toes, feel the ground under your feet, reconnect with nature … Make your feet happy. Because if your feet are happy, so are we. After all, we stand and we walk through this world on them. In any case, my new wool wombat is super cuddly and has now finally made sure that my age-old UGG boots (I only wore them as slippers) have had their day. Instead, my fair fluffies accompany me indoors and outdoors.

Price: Wombat from Wildling, around 135.50 euros. At wildling.shoes

Nachhaltige Mode-Geschenke

Sustainable fashion gifts # 8: Crossbody bag from BETTIBAG

With BETTIBAG, Bettina Keller conjures up wonderfully “loud” statement bags from vintage fabrics, discarded curtains, sofa covers or carnival costumes, which she decorates with sayings and sounds such as “Bäm, Pow, LOVE”. Or just (just a little quieter) with an eye-catching Monstera. All unique items! No matter how well the Monstera bag would suit me and my topic – we want to make someone happy with it. Therefore it is raffled (see above). And so that you know who might be with you soon, we asked Bettina for some information: The red, soft chenille fabric was once a couch, the colorful fabric was a 70s maxi skirt and the green velvet? I have no idea (“in the last few years so many different substances have found my way, unfortunately with some I don’t know anymore”). Comment on Insta now and win

Price: BETTIBAG crossbody bags, around 149 euros. At bettibag.de


Nachhaltige Mode-Geschenke

Sustainable fashion gifts # 9: “Frida” t-shirt by The Colorful Crew

Let’s start a revolution. Optimist Club. No fear. To new beginnings or “non-verbal”, artful paper art print with the portrait of Frida Kahlo … Which is my “Favorite Jumper” at The Colorful Crew? All. Nina always hits the bull’s eye with her statements. Full of content and always in tune with the zeitgeist. You can also hang the cool statements on the wall. Because the hand-made paper art by Nina Greif-Reitzenstein is not only available on (certified) T-shirts, sweaters and accessories. They are also available in the original paper version. Discover here

Prices: Frida is currently sold out, but all the other pieces from The Colorful Crew are just as great: Beanies from 38 euros, T-shirts from 49 euros, jumpers from 89 euros. Discover here

Nachhaltige Mode-Geschenke

Sustainable fashion gifts # 10: striped sweater by Karin Fraidenraij

Stripes always work (at least for me). And stripes have good vibes. It goes without saying that I fell in love with the striped lama wool sweater years ago. That’s what is special about it. Karin Fraidenraij, who has a cute, little studio around the corner from us in Alt-Schwabing, produces her knitting collections from camelid wool. Means: handmade llama, cashlama and alpaca wool from their South American homeland. Big advantage: this wool does not pill. It can be ventilated instead of washed. And she always stays in shape. My blue and white sweater is currently not available (everything is produced in small numbers), but the colorful multistripes model and the restrained version in nude and beige are at least as beautiful.

Preise: Strickpullover von Karin Fraidenraij, multi und nude, jeweils um 175 Euro. Über karinfraidenraij.com

Prices: Knitted sweaters by Karin Fraidenraij, multi and nude, each for 175 euros. At karinfraidenraij.com

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