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Slow Fashion handmade by students


There are so many sustainable crowdfunding projects and I am repeatedly asked whether I can communicate one or the other. Then I share the links on my Facebook account. Now I have decided that I will keep an updated overview of my favorite sustainable crowdfunding projects that are absolutely worth supporting.

RECONICE – Slow Fashion handmade by students

Students in the tenth grade of the Nelson Mandela School in Hamburg prove that you cannot start a business once you have finished school. When the pandemic made their work in the culture / French profile almost impossible, the committed young people developed a new project: They got to know the 17 sustainability goals of the UN and then founded the school start-up RECONICE. With this they are now showing that “student companies” can reinvent themselves in the digital age and that one can make the world a little better with an innovative spirit and drive. The first product from the sustainable fashion label by young people for everyone? A new favorite bag that works as a statement for environmental protection and fair working conditions.

For me, the project is absolutely exemplary because sustainable education should also take place in schools. The thank you gifts are also chosen with great care. In addition to the opportunity to purchase the RECONICE Bag (from 49 euros), the students can plant a tree in the Hamburg area for 15 euros or cook a meal for the homeless. The concept was developed by SDW, SEEd, Blauer Leben and the wonderful Hamburg upcycling brand Bridge&Tunnel, who made my denim mobile phone chain and my favorite bum bag.

The first funding goal has been achieved – the RECONICE bags are produced in small numbers. You can support the achievement of the second funding goal on Startnext until January 12th, 2021, then you can invest in the future of this flagship project.

Suits for Good – the suit revolution

Honestly? I LOVE suits. On men as well as on women. What a statement look. Provided they fits well and are comfortable. And that’s exactly what Mareike Ficht and Paul Kupfer, co-founders of soulbottles, have written on the flags of their start-up Suits for Good. Well, and a lot more.

Sustainable Crowdfunding

The two asked themselves why it is so difficult to find vegan, sustainable suits and why classic suits are often so uncomfortable, impractical and symbolic as well as socially charged. After two years of intensive work, the time has come: under the name Suits For Good, there are finally vegan, fair and sustainably produced pants and jackets for men and women. Why are these suits so super stretchy, crease-free, breathable and even machine washable? Because they are made from a recycled material that is normally used in yoga clothing. Plus: They are affordable, practical and functional. The two visionaries have also revolutionized the size system. Instead of genders it is adapted to body shapes. Fair production conditions and the use of sustainable, resource-saving and vegan materials are the core of their project.

The goal? 20,000 euros. Because then the first series will go into production in Portugal. Good news: it looks good. Nevertheless, our support is required. Go ahead

3IN1 Coat by akjumii

Quite a few fell in love with the wonderfully avant-garde Zampa Coats that Michi and Anna designed for their Munich label akjumii at the 1st edition of GREENSTYLE in the Haus der Kunst. Me included. I only bought my Zampa Coat (the white one with the black pattern) a year later, at the GREENSTYLE Pop up in Amsterdam. Unfortunately, these coats no longer exist. The two creatives have now launched their heart project: the 3IN1 Coat by akjumii.

Sustainable Crowdfunding

© Johanna Link

And because 3IN1 + fair production is not enough for akjumii, there is a lifetime guarantee on top.

3IN1? What looks like a coat at first glance can also be worn as a vest and jacket. And with smart add-ons such as a bright blue teddy collar made of wool fleece or shimmering fringes for jacket and coat, you can add a lot of variety. Sounds great? Is great. My tip: You can buy the coats (available in black, gray and blue) in the akjumii showroom in Reichenbachstr. 36 in Munich to try on and off. Appointments by email to hello@akjumii.com

Support until December 6th, 2020 >>>

Ū K A I – Socks from the Sea

I love my job. How lucky I am that I am always able to discover such great projects and come into contact with the people behind them. Like Darija’s “socks from the sea”. She wanted to set up a small sock business with her husband. Then the idea of developing products that should have a positive impact on the environment came. When they discovered yarn made from recycled plastic bottles, the idea was born.

Sustainable Crowdfunding

How do 51 plastic bottles fit in a pair of socks? Not at all. That is the Ū K A I Impact.

The yarn of a bottle is processed into a pair of socks in combination with organic cotton, recycled wool, etc. Another 50 bottles are recycled with every sock purchase by the Plastic Bank organization, which removed the plastic scrap from the ocean. And because everything goes better together, Ū K A I donates 50 cents of every pair of socks to this organization. Honestly? Great action. Not to mention the fact that the designs are super stylish and the related stories are just great. Still have no idea what you are going to give your boyfriend, husband, buddy, dad for Christmas? Here is the answer.

Now on Kickstarter to support >>>

Sustainable crowdfunding: Eco & Fair Capsule Collection from Tamarindo

Jessica Paz from Tamarindo apparel was part of the 2nd and 3rd edition of GREENSTYLE munich with her dreamlike bags and belts. Now she is developing a sustainable capsule collection with reversible blouses made from sustainable materials in Girona / Spain, which she would like to finance through crowdfunding. She definitely deserves the support. Her campaign will run until December 31, 2019 #bettertogether. Click here for the campaign


Sustainable Crowdfunding

© Tamarindo

Sustainable Crowdfunding: AA Gold – Zero Waste Fashion

I got to know Arnold Gevers during a joint lecture at the Kompetenzteam Kultur und Kreativwirtschaft of the City of Munich, where we were both able to present our projects. I was immediately enthusiastic about his idea of Zero Waste and I invited him to a panel at the 1st edition at GREENSTYLE. A year later Arnold was again at GREENSTYLE – with his crowdfunding project AA Gold. The wonderfully minimalist capsule collection manages without waste and made it straight to VOGUE.de with 0% waste and 100% attidude. Change is gold! The first funding goal has been achieved. But it goes on. Absolutely support, so that they make it into our wardrobes. Click here for the campaign


Sustainable Crowdfunding

© AA Gold

Sustainable crowdfunding: Einmal Ohne, bitte (once without, please)

Shopping unpacked near you, isn’t it? Go then! The sticker (see picture) shows the consumer where. Whether at the butcher, bakery or snack bar: shopping with your own box is already possible in many places. “Once without, please” makes garbage-free shopping opportunities visible, encourages shops and customers to rethink and networks initiatives throughout Germany. What has already started successfully in Munich, help from the crowd is to be brought to all of Germany. The campaign will run until December 12th .2019. Click here for the campaign


Sustainable Crowdfunding

© Einmal ohne bitte

Published: 5.12.2019

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