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Climate Demo 29.11.19


And now we are growing at my-GREENstyle. Leni and Pauli, our 13 year old daughters, will be read here again and again from now on. Because with my engagement it’s about the two of me at the end of the day. My mother always says: “It doesn’t matter to me, it gets nasty for you and it becomes really terrible for your children.” So that she doesn’t stay right, I commit myself with all my strength, creativity and energy. And now with the next generation.

Welcome at my-GREENstyle, Leni and Pauli!

Leni and Pauli are not Greta. They go to school on Fridays. They only accompanied us on the occasion of the second global climate strike last year (the school did not allowed them to go to the first). But they have been experiencing sustainability at home for many years. Since the blog was launched, they have always asked if something is “greenstyle”. A great synonym for “sustainable”. They love packaging-free (super)markets and don’t like plastic (this will also be the first article). Leni and Pauli love the IGTV contributions from my friend Charlotte Schüler, who talks about a plastic-free life. They have their own herb garden on our terrace and grow tomatoes, potatoes and everything else they would like to harvest. And they love DIY.

Leni und Pauli

Leni and Pauli are not Greta.

Their destination for the summer vacation 2019 was Morocco. Yes, we flew there. By plane and toured for three weeks with a backpack through the great country. From Marrakech, to the coast, to the Sahara and High Atlas. We met great people everywhere. Yes, I want my daughters to get to know foreign cultures and countries, as I was allowed to do.

They love Superdry and Abercrombie. So what?!

And the two love Superdry, Abercrombie & Co. because friends also wear all of these brands. But only sometimes, because they love to browse with me in second hand stores and at VinoKilo. They were incredibly excited when we drove to Suslet in Augsburg. They have already accompanied me on Green Fashion Tours. At DearGoods they have chosen bamboo socks for their dad and their wardrobe contains some parts from hessnatur, Lanius, Degree, eyd, Dedicated, OGNX, Armedangels and of course their beloved jeans from Dawn Denim etc. And they are the first to start when it comes to support for the GREENSTYLE munich, to make signs for the demos and fashion revolution.

The two are just great. And exactly right. They are not hardliners. They eat meat and love vegetables and salads as I rarely see from others of the same age. And they made friends stop using plastic straws. They question things and have great approaches when it comes to finding solutions for what is supposed to be impossible. They are no a trained journalists. But they speak for the generation that really matters. And it comes from the heart. Quite apart from that, this is a great exercise for German lessons. And like most subjects, it is not really fun in eighth grade at a Bavarian high school.

Thank you, Leni and Pauli, for being so great. I’m really proud.


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