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Immediately with me - for Macbook, favorite book and Hamam towel - then I can blog outdoors


Hardly any German city, whose cityscape is not dominated by the Hipster backpack No.1. Across the nation anyone is carrying proud his Kanken (pronounced Känken) on the back. Stylish moms in Prenzlauer Berg, as well as aspiring young entrepreneurs around the Alster and the kiss-kisses-boys and girls in the Bavarian metropolis. I must confess: I also have a bit flirted with him (even my 5 year old niece has one). But so far I could resist. Until the Re-Kanken has expanded the Kanken-Family.


Sustainable icon: Re-Kanken

The my-GREENstyle Eco-Darling Re-Kanken

That has now changed. Because the Re-Kanken – so to speak the Kanken 2.0. Now comes the sustainable version of the hipster Backpacks of the Swedish outdoor specialist Fjällräven on the market. But now times sequentially. Finally, there is a real Kanken story.


11 sustainable darlings. Which is your favorite?

1978: the Kanken – the original

At the end of the 70 studies found out that about 80 percent of the Swedes suffer from back problems, which, e.g., due to the trendy shoulder bags. Since this problem occurred with young Swedes, Fjällräven founder Åke Nordin has unceremoniously designed an affordable and functional backpack, which distributes the load across both shoulders and offered enough space for school supplies. The Kanken was born. Actually, nothing has changed in the last forty years on Kanken – two models and several colors have been added.


My new favorite companion

2016: A sustainable star is born. Welcome, Re-Kanken!

Until the sustainable “Revolution” came – the Re-Kanken. This model is in fact the sustainable star of the backpacks. The Eco-Darling in original size is made from a single yarn from recycled polyester of 11 PET bottles, the Mini from 9 PET bottles. Plus: Thanks to an innovative coloring technique (SpinDye) the Re-Kanken receives a great color palette and 75 percent less water, 67 percent less chemicals and 39 percent less energy is exhausted. Sounds good? Is fantastic!


More beautiful eleven PET bottles can´t look

My Re-Kanken and me – sustainable Love

And that’s why I went immediately at the backpackers – the Re-Kanken accompanied me on the Fashion Week in Berlin (perfect for my MacBook and everything Bloggers usually so doing), is at my side while shopping, excursions etc.


Makes also as handbag a sustainable good figure

My – your – OUR Re-Kanken

But sometimes my new great love is cheating me – because my twin daughters have already thrown an eye on my Eco-Darling. They had him proud at school when they had the subject of waste, or waste reduction in the basic science course and they declared her class that her mommy has a backpack from plastic bottles. A backpack from plastic bottles? The other naturally wanted to see. Sounds a bit strange for 10 year olds. More surprised were all that of Re-Kanken looks just the same as a normal backpack.


Who takes a place here?

Long live the Re-Kanken

The only difference: Thanks to recycling the annoying plastic waste scored a super-useful purpose. And if my Re-Kanken eventually faded away, it is completely recyclable.
Re-Kånken about 89.85 € or the Mini about 79.95 €. From 08/01/2016 buy here

(And who wonders what a wonderful spectacle I wear: that´s of Toms and the favorite shirt in light blue is from Armedangels)

More Colours

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