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Berlin Fashion Week: I will report from these events


The days during the Fashion Week are fully planned and I will be happy if I can go to bed at some point – but I do not want to miss a single date. Despite all the effort, events such as the Fashion Weeks are always incredibly enriching and inspiring and I am already excited. Here is a small overview of what I will bring along for you from Berlin. PS: If I think about that I will see Livia Firth on Monday, I get snapping!

New: my-GREENstyle Fashion Week Diary

And because I won´t publish many posts during Fashion Week, we have created the “my-GREENstyle Fashion Week Diary” in addition to reporting on Instagram. Here you can find more or less in real-time in text and picture, where I am, which events I am currently visiting, which designers I meet. Do not miss: From Monday 16 January 2017 – here

→ Monday, January 16 – Fashion Week AW 17/18

ZEITmagazin x VOGUE – Fashion & Style

For the fifth time, the two opinion makers are holding the exciting fashion & style conference in the Kronprinzenpalais in Berlin. The current issue of the event is under the theme “It’s the Fashion, Stupid”. On the podium, chief editor Christoph Amend and Tillman Prüfer from ZEIT and VOGUE chief editor Christiane Arp meet numerous exciting personalities. I can not wait to find my personal eco-icon Livia Firth, founder and creative director of Eco Age Ltd. And the equally fascinating powerwoman Floriane de Saint Pierre, who is headhunter for the most exclusive labels in the world in a male domain. More about this soon

→ Tuesday, January 17 – Fashion Week AW 17/18

Johanna Riplinger – Interview

When I discovered the look in red and white last summer at the stand of Johanna Riplinger, I realized that I would not lose sight of the label of the German living in Paris so quickly. Apart from the fact that I am incredibly curious about what the sympathetic designer has in store for the coming season, I am looking forward to our conversation. The interview will be here

Maria Seifert – Interview

From Leipzig, Maria Seifert sends her sustainable collections to the world. In addition to quality and sustainable materials, Maria Seifert is also involved in the topic of resource saving. That is why she uses a cleverly thought-out basic collection, which she carefully extends with seasonal highlights. In the past, we have always had contact via e-mail – now I am looking forward to a personal acquaintance and our interview date. This will soon be here

PrePeek x Greenshowroom – Event

Together with the Kleiderei, the fantastic slow & sexy neverending wardrobe concept that relies on borrowing instead of buying, and Weleda, the Greenshowroom has launched an action that gives bloggers the opportunity to compile outfits even before sales start for posts and to set them in Scene this backstage. I’m curious!

HolyGhost – Runwayshow

As a Munich girl, I will of course not miss the Collection of Jelena Hofmann and Sedina Halilovic. For years, the two designers have been designing clean, cool, timelessly elegant and yet unconventional favorite collections for their label HolyGhost. Runway review of the “Sous Le Soleil” collection for autumn / winter 2017/18 coming soon

Elsien Gringhuis – Interview

Label portrait, Eco-Darling and recurring label on my-GREENstyle.com. Why? Because I love every single piece of the Dutch designer. The white coat with natural motif from the Blendscapes series, the beige jumper, the gray pencil skirt … Produced here only on order – that saves the resources. And I am looking forward to a personal acquaintance in Berlin. The conversation with Elsien Gringhuis is available here

INNATEX-Lounge at the FluxBau – Event

The INNATEX – International Fair for Sustainable Textiles – will start on Saturday the 21st of January. in Hessen. Since some years, however, there is a pre-meeting in Berlin. The INNATEX will be 20 years old this year. Reason enough to celebrate a bit. And this is what everyone in Berlin does, who does not make it to Hofheim-Wallau on Saturday. Pictures of the event timely here

→ Wednesday, 18.1. – Fashion Week HW 17/18

Philomena Zanetti x Stage – Runwayshow

Clean, puristic, minimalistic – the collections of Philomena Zanetti look just like I would design them if I had talent. Accordingly, I’m looking forward to see new looks from the Berlin-based label of Julia Leifert. The review is coming soon

Blogger Breakfast Weleda – Event

Actually it looks as if I would not create the time. Because from the stage to the Greenshowroom and then to the department store Jandorf probably will not work. That’s really a pity. Perhaps the wonderful Mercedes-Benz shuttles in the future also drive to the Postbahnhof a bit more regularly … Soon Fairfashion is mainstream!

Rebekka Ruétz x Department Store Jandorf – Runwayshow

For years, I’ve been following Rebekka Ruétz’s collections. A source of inspiration for the spring / summer collection 2017 of the Austrian was the castle Ambras in Innsbruck. The collection, entitled “Funkart”, was a firework of opulent prints from the Austrian homeland, extracted cut bodice pants, rocking skirts … Here is the review of the autumn / winter collection 2017/18

Berlin Mode Salon – Group Exhibition

I will not make it to the Defilés this season unfortunately, but I will look at the wonderfully creative favorite pieces of the fantastic designers in the Kronprinzenpalais. More than 40 German designers have shown that German fashion is G.R.E.A.T. What I am especially looking forward to? Malaikaraiss, Hien Le, Lala Berlin, Marina Hoermannseder, Nobi Talai, Odeeh, Tim Labenda, William Fan – oh, nonsense: I’m looking forward to ALL! Best of pics & quotes hopefully quite soon

Claudia Lanius – Interview

Lanius Köln is one of the pioneers of sustainable fashion in Germany. For 18 years, Claudia Lanius has been designing super-feminine favorite pieces. For the production she uses ecologically flawless raw materials and observes fair working conditions. This time I meet Claudia Lanius just before the Meet & Greet on her stand at the Greenshowroom. Read the conversation here

Salonshow x Energieforum – Runwayshow

For the first time in the neighboring Energieforum, the Keylooks of the Greenshowroom designers will be sent to the runway as a group show. In addition to my Eco-Darlings such as Elsien Gringhuis & Co., I am looking forward to the superspiring collaboration of Lanius x Kunert (this green duo I also owe the balloons I used for the Happy Birthday post). The best of the Salonshow is asap here

Ethical Fashion on Stage x Energieforum – Runwayshow

Like the Salonshow, the Ethical Fashion on Stage also takes place for the first time in the Energieforum. I am particularly looking forward to Paul Iby with Johanna Winklhofer, the winners of the Lavera Green Fashion Award. The highlights of the Runwayshow are soon here

VinoKilo – Runwayshow

At a later hour, the Spreewerkstätten are the place-to-be for fashion and vintage fans. With the VinoKilo event, the first vintage fashion show of the Berlin Fashion Week takes place here. For all those who are interested in the topic – on Thursday there is a publicly accessible fashion installation on site. Review and event report here soon

→ Thursday, 19.1. – Fashion Week AW 17/18

Jan’n’June – Interview

The two power girls from Jan ‘n June from Hamburg are among the decisive factors that I decided to start my-GREENstyle.com at all. When I met them one and a half years ago in Berlin and saw their collection, I was sure that cool fairfashion can work. Highly conspicuous that I am talking with the two Supergirls in detail. The result is coming soon

Fairfashion Blogger-Lounge

To conclude my Fashion Week trip, there is a Summit of Fairfashion bloggers. As part of the VinoKilo event, we meet again in the Spreewerkstätten to talk about this, and of course about Fairfashion. Update asap here

I also look forward to see Karin Fraidenraij (whose interview I still have not typed), Anja Moss, who is working with her agency MOSS on sustainable designers and labels (including Nine to Five, O MY BAG Amsterdam, Flavia Aranha) and my old Fashion Week buddies …

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