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My Eco-Beauty Favorites of the Month



Top3 Eco-Beauty

For you discovered: a moisturizing Cream Gel of comfort zone, the highly effective EGF Serum of Bioeffect for radiant complexion (no pure Eco-Beauty but Biotechnology) and the Lip Balm from Aesop (with SPF 30, so that lips remains kiss Tender with the summer sun)

Thirst-quencher for hot summer days: Hydramemory Cream Gel of comfort zone

24 hours humidity is exactly what our skin craves for in the summer. An ingenious combination of ingredients of Hyaluronicacid, Moringa oil (certified Fairtrade cultivation), various omega fat acids, Vitamin E and a blend of natural extracts (apple, lentils, watermelon shell) reduces the moisture loss from the skin, ensures a uniform moisture distribution and boosts the skin’s own systems of hydration. Thanks to the super-light, sherbet-like consistency, the Cream Gel makes an immediate pleasantly refreshed feeling on the skin. The reduced use of fragrances ensures a particularly high skin compatibility. Sustainability: comfort zone is working with the best natural ingredients in combination with modern high-tech molecules. Instead of silicones, natural oils and butter are used. All products are manufactured in Italy and are fully recyclable.

Hydramemory Cream Gel of comfort zone, 60ml, about 49 €. Buy here


Provides the skin with an extra portion of moisture: Hydramemory Cream Gel of comfort zone

Perfect complexion through Innovation: EGF Serum of Bioeffect

With increasing age, unfortunately, the regenerative capacity of the skin reduces. The Icelandic cosmetics company suceeded to develop an anti-aging serum, that stimulates the skin to repair its own cells. The patented and Nobel Prize-winning ingredient EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) is a cell activator, which increases the rate of cell turnover of the skin as a natural component of human skin and thus helps to maintain a naturally fresh look and reduce uneven pigmentation. Sustainability: The on biotechnologic, plant-based (does not correspond to the most closed meaning of pure Bio-Beauty) specialized beauty company provides the EGF cellular activator ago on sustainable and environmentally friendly manner in barley and thus has the only in plants produced EGF in skincare. The ultra-modern organic greenhouses where the barley grows, is enduring by sources of geothermal energy. The company is to guarantee capable thanks to its responsible production methods a CO2 emissions minus.

EGF Serum of Bioeffect, 15ml, about 139 €. Buy here


Gives us a radiantly fresh complexion: EGF Serum of Bioeffect

Kiss Tender lips despite extreme conditions: Protective Lip Balm SPF 30 by Aesop

Extracts from Castor oil and Jojoba and wax of the Candelilla and the wax palm ensures maximum protection of the lips during extreme weather and temperature conditions. That’s why the new, really rich Lip Balm is for me a Musthave for all outdoor events. It protects the skin from drying, moisturizes and protects thanks to SPF 30 from the dangerous sun rays. Tip: Please note that I wear at night just a thin layer for regeneration on the lips! Also suitable for vegans! Sustainability: Aesop combines herbal ingredients with highly effective, in the laboratory gained ingredients. All products are free of dyes, mineral oils, silicones, parabens or foaming agents. No Aesop product is tested on animals. If palm oil is used, it is RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) from certified suppliers. The packaging is made of recyclable glass, plastic or aluminum.

Protective Lip Balm SPF 30 by Aesop about € 15. Buy here


Protects and nourishes delicate lips: Lip Balm by Aesop

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