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Beauty routine and corresponding beauty products are more important to me today than ever. Why? Because I've dealt more with the topics of organic and clean beauty and don't let everything into my bathroom without hesitation.


The small, fine moments that you just have to take for yourself take place in the bathroom. Let the tub run in, add bath salts, a book in hand. The beauty routine and the associated beauty products have not always been as important to me as they are today. That may be due to the fact that I have had a different approach to it in recent years through my-GREENstyle and my sustainable lifestyle. And because I am always happy to receive tips from friends, I have written down my discoveries and current favorites of my organic beauty favorites for you.

My organic beauty favorites (not only) for spring

Organic Beauty Lieblinge

Fragrance trip with HERMETICA

To be honest, I’ve never found sustainable fragrances that inspire me. If you have favorites – always bring them to me. I am happy about every fragrant inspiration. After I fell in love with Clean Reserve a few years ago and am also an avowed fan of Hwyl by Aesop, I just got a taste of Hermetica’s fragrance elixirs with great enthusiasm. Without alcohol, long lasting (I think that’s super important!) and moisturizing. Okay, those are the clean alchemy, green chemistry and conscious beauty attributes. But what really catapulted me into the fragrance heaven is the fact that all twelve fragrances (from four fragrance groups) are an olfactory journey of pleasure. Plus: They can be combined with one another. Do you want my favorite? Definitely all of them. Only one? Verticaloud. But that’s because of my weakness for the oriental fragrance oil …

All HERMETICA Collections: 50 ml, 100 euros, 100 ml, 150 euros. At hermetica.com

Organic Beauty Lieblinge

Shower gel powder from Less Waste Club

At the pressday of we love PR I discovered Less waste Club, which Max and Rosalie founded almost exactly a year ago, in the middle of the first lockdown. Their idea? Less plastic! More Life. Because a clean planet starts with us at home. Crime scene bathroom: Because shower gel is liquid, it has to be packed in plastic. Pretty stupid actually. And that’s why the two of them developed one hundred percent natural shower gel powder. This is available in paper bags and is mixed with water in a stylish bottle and after a little shaking and ten minutes’ waiting time, it becomes 250 ml of wonderfully scented shower gel. Without any plastic. This saves around ten single-use plastic bottles per person. It’s so easy to do something good for the planet. Thanks to Rosi and Max for using the crisis as an opportunity and wanting to ban one million single-use plastic bottles from the bathrooms with your project by the end of 2021. You are sure of my support!

Duschgel Starter-Set von Less Waste Club. 27,99 euros. At lesswasteclub.com

Organic Beauty Lieblinge

Shampoo Bar from Stop the Water while using me

I haven’t used anything else since discovering solid shampoo. Granted, it was a bit weird at first. And you have to be a bit careful not to confuse the Shampoo Bar with the Face Bar. But that’s the only thing. Otherwise, the solid bars simply have advantages: No plastic packaging, no unnecessary waste of space with half-full tubes and bottles on the way … This piece here was part of my “Not an Advent Calendar” from Stop the Water while using me. It is not only CO2-neutral but also completely anhydrous. 100% natural ingredients that keep hair and scalp free from synthetic additives. Broccoli seed oil makes the hair shine, while bergamot oil is skin-conditioning and anti-inflammatory. Sounds good? Is perfect!

Waterless Shampoo Bar from Stop the Water while using me, about 12,90 euros. At stop-the-water-while-using-me.com

Organic Beauty Lieblinge

Golden Face Oil from A4 Cosmetics

I already described my love for argan oil, which I discovered during my vacation in Morocco, in detail last year. But I’ll just do it all over again. Why? Well, because I’m so excited. The Golden Face Oil made from eco-certified argan oil from a Moroccan women’s Berber cooperative got me through the winter perfectly. Inside has been the new outside since the beginning of the pandemic and that’s why I was grateful every time I was able to use the oil. The precious face oil has an anti-inflammatory effect and is intensely moisturizing. The nourishing facial oil has (important!) a high level of protection against free radicals and stimulates the cell metabolism. Mixed with a (of course eco-certified!) Baobab oil from a fair trade project in Burkina Faso, the fragrant, protective and firming oil contributes to the fact that neither my workload, nor my sleep deficit, nor the countless hours in front of the computer and my age ( yes, I’ll be 50 in May) are visible at first glance. Am I afraid of my fiftieth birthday? Not at all. I stand by my age. But you can pamper yourself a little at any age.

Golden Face Oil from A4 Cosmetics, 30 ml about 83,90 euros. At a4healthandbeauty.de

Organic Beauty Lieblinge

Cleaning lotion from aeos

Die Reinigung ist das A und O bei der Hautpflege. Stimmt. Und deshalb ist es auch so wichtig, dass man mit den richtigen Produkten arbeitet. Ob Lotion oder Schaum, Seifenstück oder was auch immer. Das ist Geschmackssache. Aber bei Beauty-Produkten geht es um die Inhaltsstoffe. Die sollten die Haut pflegen und nicht reizen. Ganz abgesehen von der Tatsache, dass sie die Umwelt nicht verschmutzen sollen. Mit der Gentle (das ist das entscheidende Wort) Cleansing Lotion habe ich ein Produkt gefunden, das meine Haut nicht nur von allen Unreinheiten und Verschmutzungen befreit. Sondern noch ein wirklich spannendes Add-on in Peto hat. aeos setzt auf 100 Prozent natürliche und pflanzliche Farben, die unser emotionales Wohlbefinden steigern. Welche Farbe das ist, ist individuell bei mir ist es jedenfalls Pink. Angereichert mit Tinkturen von Kristallen sorgt sie für eine tiefere Nährstoffversorgung und – so sagt man – mehr Nächsten- und Selbstliebe im Alltag.

Cleansing is very important for skin care. Right. And that’s why it’s so important to work with the right products. Whether lotion or foam, bar of soap or whatever. It’s a matter of taste. But beauty products are about the ingredients. They should take care of the skin and not irritate it. Not to mention the fact that they shouldn’t pollute the environment. With the Gentle (that’s the crucial word) Cleansing Lotion I have found a product that not only frees my skin from all impurities and dirt. It has a really exciting add-on. aeos relies on 100 percent natural and vegetable colors that increase our emotional well-being. Which color that is is individual for me, in any case, it is pink. Enriched with tinctures of crystals, it ensures a deeper supply of nutrients and – as they say – more love for one’s neighbor and self in everyday life.

Cleaning lotion from aeos, 100ml about 57, 50 euros. At savuebeauty.com

Organic Beauty Lieblinge

Hand and body soap from Be (…) my Friend

I liked the products of the Austrian organic beauty brand Be (…) my Friend from the first second when I discovered them at the Hotel Schmelzhof in Lech am Arlberg. Wonderfully fragrant, purely herbal and vegan products that not only care for the skin as much as possible and at the same time have a minimal impact on the environment. The friendly collection was developed to make the bathroom plastic-free – that’s why the purely organic products are also filled in glass jars. As combination products, they ensure that our bathroom is not unnecessarily cluttered. Means? The soap becomes a shower gel and the body lotion is also a hand cream. The peeling pampers the skin with rock salt from Bad Aussee and works as a relaxing bath additive. Like the (wild) mallow scented hand and body soap that the wonderful Betty Giertz from Publicity Rooms gave me for Christmas. And because hand washing has become number 1 in our beauty ritual, the bottle is almost empty. But replenishment will be ordered promptly.

Hand and body soap Wilde Mallow from Be (…) my Friend, 300 ml about 14 euros. At besoapmyfriend.com

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