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Dreamteam - slim skirt and blazer


As a blogger or journalists we work fortunately in a sector that is not subject to strict dress codes. Sure, you should set it after the event. But the classic office costume is not used. If, then with a detail who takes the whole look the rigor and gives the special kick. Therefore now my current business class favorite with classic rock, shirt, blazer and sneakers!

my-GREENstyle-Look: Business class

I love skirts, but wear them too rare. Whether that is because I like to cycle everywhere and Trousers are more practical? Or the fact that temperatures over half of the year (and lately even longer) are like in the winter? Anyway. Every time I’ve decided to wear a skirt, I am pleased with my decision. And get appropriate compliments. So think about it more often – at least when it comes to business class!

Absolutely note: Sometimes exchange the jeans against a narrow skirt – business class look

And so I just made myself with skirt, shirt and blazer on the way to an editorial deadline. The cat I left still at home at the last second and swapped my favorite clutch of Nine to Five. Instead of Ballerinas & Co. I decided sneakers in bright pink – simply better suits my lifestyle entertaining and makes my life easier when to sprint from A to B.

Skirt: Here I am wearing a wonderfully comfortable (and therefore even suitable on a bicycle) skirt of Hessnatur from the Spring / Summer collection. Unfortunately, it is no longer available.

Business Class

Dreamteam – slim skirt and blazer. For this purpose: sneaker in bright colors

But of course there are also in the current collection fantastic business class suitable, sustainable skirts. Here are my two favorites to choose from. Once ultraclean organic cotton and a refined, asymmetrically cut skirt in virgin wool.

Skirt made of pure wool of Hessnatur, about 129 €. Buy here

Skirt made of organic cotton from Hessnatur about 59.95 €. Buy here

Instead of a classic blazer you can choose a bomber jacket for the Business Class Look 

Blazer: The blazer is of course a business class classic, which acts somewhat stricter. If that is too decorous, can exchange it against a bomber or a short leather jacket. but I love blazers to trousers, skirts and shorts. This one is from Hessnatur and even available anymore.

Business Class

By black and white one may not be miss naturally: Greeny

But of course, at Hessnatur can be found other models made from organic cotton. Also, I have distended a gorgeous fitted cut at Armedangels (linen and GOTS certified organic cotton).

Blazer Naomi of Armedangels, by 159 € – currently on sale for 99 €. Buy here

Blazer made from organic cotton of Hessnatur, Made in Portugal, by 179 €. Buy here

Shirt: ribbed and buttons on the shoulders make my shirt that I found ages ago in a secondhand shop, a real favorite part.

Business Class

Dreamteam – slim skirt and blazer. For this purpose: sneaker in bright colors

A wonderful Eco-Darling, available in white and blue, the shirtblouse of the vegan high fashion label Umasan. The Eco-Darling from Berlin is made of Tencel in Germany.


Shirtblouse by Umasan, about 149 €. Buy here

Instead ballerinas wear on the job rather sneaker 

Sneaker: Three, two, one – go! Sneaker are almost always at the start with me. They are convenient, can also take a short burst of speed and type any really rigorous look a casual touch. Caution: Be careful that the sneaker make a neat impression! Here I am wearing (you can not see, but they are bright pink) a model of Nike.

Business Class

I love to skirt and blazer: Sneaker

I looked around online a bit and have discovered wonderful, sustainable alternatives at The People Movement. This model is a collaboration with Brendan Brazier – made from recycled PET bottles.

Business Class

Sneaker from recycled PET bottles from The Peoples Movement

Sneaker Brazier Ekocycle Runner of The Peoples Movement, by 99 dollars. Buy here

Cat: Greeny – available anywhere. He is unique!

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