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Featured for communication of sustainability issues and the embodiment of the "Green Lifestyle" - Thomas D


With the glamorous GreenTec Awards – mentioned in passing a climate-neutral event – was on Sunday evening at the Munich fair IFAT, largest trade fair for environmental technology heralded worldwide. Dress code: Black Tie. The Food: Vegetarian (my favorite: Asparagus with potatoes). The Celebrity Density: high. Besides my personal idol, the environmental activist David Mayer de Rothschild (presenter for Recycling & Resources), Revolverheld (Music-Act) and my personal teenage hero Nena, on the XL-stage the who’s who of German celebrities honor. Before and after the award presentation was time to visit the stands of numerous sustainable exhibitors (among others my green fashion darlings Lanius and Goodsociety), to discover exciting products and projects and to have interesting conversations.

My top issues on the GreenTec Awards 2016

Thomas D

As an old Fanta 4-fan, I actually thought that I knew a lot about Thomas D. Not even close. The exceptional German musician was awarded the Special Prize Music for its successful communication of sustainability issues and the authentic embodiment of the “Green Lifestyle”. With words like “Thomas D not warns, he does” (He collects for example the garbage on the roadside instead of worrying) and the name of the musician as “genuine sustainability” from presenter Christopher von Deylen (Schiller) and an eye opening Starter was a new, even fancier, Thomas D image drawn. His hope: that the green lifestyle finds its way into the mainstream of society. My conclusion from his attitude towards life: to take responsibility and be active.

The Kunert Blue collection

That Kunert produced great stockings was known by me. That the traditional Bavarian company for over 25 years published its life cycle assessment, more than 20 years maintains quality criteria for sustainable hosiery and dispensed for environmental reasons, certain materials, however, less. All the more gratifying, that I was able to lead an informative talk at the booth of the stocking manufacturer. Under the GreenTec Awards Kunert presented with a first highlight product of the equally picturesque as sustainable Kunert Blue collection his latest stroke of genius: a pair of tights, which was produced entirely from recycled waste such as fishing nets and thus contributes to to make the seas again a bit cleaner. The entire collection, which is made from the patented ECONLY yarn, will be available in spring / summer 2017. Learn more about Kunert

Fashion that respects the circle of life

WWF Galileo Green Youngster Award

Although small biogas plants are not considered as I normally-discussed topics, I would like to leave this project mentioned at this point in any case. Reason for my enthusiasm, in addition to the outstanding, sustainable innovation is the fact that this development of Norma Jörns and Simon Lange comes from two students of the German School Altenholz. The two now 20-year-old, former students have demonstrated their commitment and their incredibly innovative power that creativity, ingenuity and commitment are not a question of age. Large model and deserved prize in this special category. More information on this project can be found here

Ugly Fruits

Why are potatoes always round, carrots and cucumbers stem just be pretty curved? They taste any better than their less compliant counterparts? No! Because taste is not a question of appearance! But fruits and vegetables are subject to EU standards and what is not up to standard-compliant, does not end up on our plates (about 18 million tons of food are wasted annually in this way). No more of this food waste makes the Munich-based company Ugly Fruits (founded by Linda Martin and Stefan Kukla) and refers the screened vegetables directly from the manufacturers. Conclusion: Reduction of food waste, additional income for producers, food in organic quality at fair prices. Simple idea – great effect! This commitment was awarded to the GreenTec Awards 2016 with the award for communication. More Informations about Ugly Fruits can be found here

The green exhibitors

Before and after the awards ceremony I had the opportunity to visit numerous stands of sustainable exhibitors. Apart from a small insight into the dreamlike current summer collection of Lanius from Cologne and as sustainable as fantastic denim styles of Goodsociety of Hamburg, I was lucky enough to experience the vegetable dyed and fairly in Portugal produced Dream Shoes by ekn footwear (more information soon here on the Blogzine). Also viewed thrilled palpated, scrutinized: Fairphone, the CO2-neutral Florida Ice Factory, Fritz Cola with its naturally delicious refreshing showers, the maximum environmentally active cosmetics company Paul Mitchell, of course, the traditional German company Kunert with its world debut (see above), the well universal and sustainable lighting objects of Wooden and, and, and …

Walking clean in a dirty world – ekn footwear

NOW AVAILABLE: OUR NEW SLIPON KUDZU Handmade of pure vegetable tanned nubuck with a very unique look. The Kudzu features a 1-piece, asymmetrically wrapped, stitchless and seamless, vegetable tanned nubuck upper, recycled neoprene inner bootie with an internal magnetic closure plus a ripple sole. The shoe can be worn with and without the bootie. Here's a look at the wrapped, 1-piece #KUDZU, without the neoprene bootie. Made in Friendship. Handmade in Portugal #eknfootwear & @mrbailey_ collab. #coolrightoussneakers #sustainable #aimhighstaygrounded #Hiking #eco #skateboarding #outdoor #skateboardingisfun #bmx #architcture #skateeverydamnday #beard #ckinspiration #eknfootwear #bvb09 #kicksonfire #sneakersmag #sneakerfreaker #sneakersaddict #nicekicks #complexkicks Pic by @pho_ney #igsneakercommunity #thedropdate #kicksoftheday #instakicks #dailykicks #sneakersmag #sneakerness #womft #hypefeet

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My conclusion for GreenTec Awards – to speak with the words of David Mayer de Rothschild: “Thank you for giving nature a voice!” I look forward to the Anniversery Event of the GreenTec Awards next year in Berlin (10 years!). All informations about the winners and the other great nominees, the fascinating exhibitors and their products etc. you´ll find here

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