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As hobby foodies, we are always on the lookout for sophisticated recipes and creative ideas for new dishes. We are inspired by cookbooks, just try something, because we just feel like it. Or – this is my specialty – I invent something delicious from the ingredients that we still have in the fridge and whose best before date is approaching or exceeded. Long story short – I just wanted to give a mini-insight into the heart of our apartment, in which I tell you my favorite “newcomers”.

Kitchen Stories # 1: Cookbook discovery Epi-Food

I met Feli and Alex at a cooking event in Munich last year. There they presented their smart nutrition philosophy, so to speak culinary. There were loads of delicacies. But not just any. The breads with the delicious hummus and avocado spread, the fluffy pancakes, the aubergine-feta-ruccola salad – all the tasty things are based on the epigenetic diet. What sounds pretty dry and unsexy at first is quite simple: no cow’s milk, no wheat, no industrial sugar. At the end of 2017, the cookbook ” Epi-Food – die neue gesunde Küche ” (Michaels Verlag), featuring Felicitas Riederle and Alexandra Stech, stages their tastiest dishes, from the Healthy Morning Bowl to the Libido Smoothie to the Steak with mango-avocado salad or a delicious risotto, imagine.

No cow’s milk, no wheat, no industrial sugar – actually easy, right?

Divided – and that’s great – according to the different needs: stress, nerves, concentration, fat burning, sleep – here everyone will find the right recipe to compensate for what he lacks. At any rate, I have never had so much fun eating healthy food. Learn more? The corresponding interview, which I have led with the two kitchen Queens can be found on VOGUE.de and the book you can buy for 29,99 Euro directly at epi-food.com.

Kitchen Stories

My personal tip? Cook!

Kitchen Stories # 2: Stay clean with YOPE

Yes, soap bars are better than liquid soap. Of course I know that. And on the edge of my bathroom sink is therefore also a pretty bowl with a usually prettier soap bar. Currently a hand-made Aloe Vera soap from Walde, which Sina gave me when I visited her at Precious, her new Fair Fashion Concept Store in Rosenheim. But in the kitchen I think – nobody is perfect – liquid soap is more practical and hygienic. Quite apart from the fact that the soap should also neutralize onions, fish and other kitchen odors. Since I discovered the Honey & Bergamot soap of the Polish manufacturer YOPE at Greenglam, the cute XL-dispenser (500 ml) has moved in with us. 92 percent natural ingredients, of course no parabens, silicones, dyes & Co. Hand soap from YOPE’s available at greenglam.de for 7.99 euros

Kitchen Stories

Neutralizes food odors naturally

Kitchen Stories # 3: Stylish cooking with kitchen towels by Solwag

Also discovered with Sina at Precious: The kitchen towels from Solwag. Alone the story of the Danish label is so adorable that it will not be my last kitchen towel from this design line for sure. Because everything started with a kitchen towel knitted by grandma. Granny can not keep up with the knitting, but the philosophy is the same – beautiful, practical, good. The cloths (also available as wipes, etc.) are washable at 60 degrees, Oeko-Tex certified, super absorbent, look really great and are also available in wonderfully bright colors. The Danes are familiar with design. Are there for 8.90 euros at obstmarktno6.de

Kitchen Stories

Already grandma found it great – and me too! h!

Kitchen Stories # 4: Show your hands – Badger Balm

With the Badger Balm a real miracle weapon has moved in: In the evening four wrists of my daughters are stretched out to me. So I can massage in the lavender sleepbalm. With the cuticle care, the dry nails are cared for after a beach, sea or swimming day. And the classic Badger Balm has its place in the kitchen. It is always used when endless quantities of vegetables have been peeled or hands have been in the water – when the hands just need an extra care unit, because they are strained and dry. The US-based Badger Balm (who also cares knees, elbows & Co.) is, by the way, USDA organic certified. Available for 7.90 euros at greenglam.de

Kitchen Stories

The organic medium against rough hands

Kitchen Stories # 5: Eye eats with – Motel a Mio

I’m just not a type of styled harness sets. What I like better? A bowl found here, a cup discovered there. Heaven, the saucer is sweet! And then everything is mixed colorfully. That brings a lot more life to the table. And also allows me to expand our stock again and again when I discover something great. Like the ceramics, which the Munich Pottery label Motel a Mio from Portugal draws. The pretty favorite parts that are made in Portugal and painted by hand in a fair and environmentally friendly way are also fantastic in the bathroom, on the desk, on the bedside table … Price idea? My saucer costs 12 euros at motelamio.com

Kitchen Stories

Can´t get enough – bowls, bowls & co.

Kitchen Stories # 6: Go Green – City garden in the glass

In the summer we have from the parsley over the mint to oregano wonderfully fresh herbs on the terrace. Unfortunately, this does not work in winter. While my daughter is already diligently working on various herbs in her indoor greenhouse, the “small city garden in the glass” has moved in the other day. And the harvest comes at dinner crisp fresh on the bread. Is also available as dill, basil, etc. and is great as a gift. The small city garden in the glass, which is manufactured in workshops for people with disabilities, is available for 8,90 Euro at giftidee.de.

Kitchen Stories

Urban gardening on the window sill

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