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Natural colors and lots of wood leave room for breathing


Instead of checking in, I first inspected Emma. This is the hotel’s own corner shop. Pardon Store. There are locally produced delicacies from tomato soup to pickled pears in reusable glasses, wooden legos, bamboo toothbrushes … Oh yes, I wanted to check in. Forget about it. Switch off, exhale, breathe deeply. No, the Soulmade is not a classic spa hotel with wellness area. The soulmade is a sustainable longstay hotel with a pronounced deceleration thought. And in this way unifies two contemporary currents in a completely new way. Temporary living and the growing interest in sustainable concepts.


Everything fresh – delicious soups at the hotel store Emma

And the Soulmade in Garching near Munich is definitely sustainable.

Before I go to my room, the Living Room (as the lobby is called here) attracts me magically. Here candles flicker. People are sitting here. Like in a cozy bar in the city. A fireplace crackles. Hourglasses, pharmacists’ glasses, typewriters – the whimsical paraphernalia that filled the ceiling-high bookshelves were not placed on the shelves by a decorator. Many pieces come from the owner’s private possession. Or were brought together by him at various flea markets. Here, in the heart of the house, there are cozy corners for those who want to retreat. For those who are looking for contact. Here is chilled, worked in the coworking areas, eaten. Everyone finds his place.


A crackling fireplace, flickering candles and loads of favorite places can be found in the Living Room

Casual, natural, authentic – welcome at home

Why is this lobby used so actively? Hotel guests and guests from the neighborhood will appreciate the exquisite selection of the bar and the culinary delights on the menu. Many chat with the hosts. Because they are definitely more than pure service. Sure, they bring the wild drinks (I just say “Affengeil” – absolutely try!) And cold beer. But they live and love the soulmade as well as the guests. And you can tell. You know yourself. After all, the guests stay here for a long time and the neighbors are there anyway. Speaking of neighbors: When the Soulmade calls for its Burgerlicious Beats with “fat sound and finest burgers”, the neighborhood follows regularly.


Small and super smart – the kitchenette in the room

Sustainable living with a lot of soul

The corridors are gorgeously reserved. Even in the rooms, the 139 tree houses, as hotel owner Thomas Schlereth, his rooms gladly calls, one is not “harassed” by art. Tastes are, well known, different. And if you are persecuted for several weeks by the eyes of an actress, roaring waves breaking against the wall, or the ever-changing fruit in the form of a still life on the wall, one can be annoying. Instead, you enter a wonderfully relaxed, natural-colored room of fragrant wood. And has arrived in turn. And come down.


Clear, reduced and simply gently unobtrusive

Sleep as in heaven – solid wood beds and natural mattresses

Sleeping as on a cuddly bed of moss – so the sleep quality was announced to me. Since I have the best mattress in the world in my own home, I am always quite skeptical when someone tells me that he has a fantastic mattress on offer. All the more tense I was on my night in the solid wood beds with natural mattresses from Austria. My conclusion: I slept really wonderfully. Almost, but also almost as good as at home. This is however from my mouth an XL-praise!


Good Morning! On natural mattresses you sleep like in heaven on a bed of moss

Enjoy with all your senses: Feel good

A small foot reflexology massage in the Barefoot Pocket Park with stimulating stones from the Isar and a Kneipp station, a round tai chi in the Japanese-inspired park or a expedition in the Pavigym, where you can increase your actual performance according to the latest training methods everybody is able to take advantage of comfort and convenience.

The sustainable soulmade concept

A Hotel like this does not arise easy. There was someone at work who knows what he wants. And in the case of the soulmade is the bundled experience and the love for the sustainability of owner Thomas Schlereth. He was inspired to build this unique wooden hotel by his little son, who was thinking about the environment. Spur enough for Thomas Schlereth to bring his plan for a sustainable hotel, which he had designed during his interior design studies, pulled out of the drawer and become reality.


Welcome to home away frome home

1000 trees from local forestry were needed for the construction. 2000 trees were newly planted in the tropical rainforest.

This is not only about the saving of resources during ongoing operations. Thanks to the smooth process optimization and prefabrication of the modules in the factory, succession hotels can be created in only 12 months. Maximum ressource saving and due to the shortened construction period nerve-conserving for the neighborhood. That sounded so exciting that I would like to see the next building. Not because I’ve suddenly become Bob-the-Builder Fan. But because Thomas Schlereth has really made me curious with his sustainable construction project … And that will soon be the case, because further land is already being sought. After all, as many people as possible should come to the “home only elsewhere” of the Soulmade.


Coffee-adicts grind the first coffee of the day in the room

Prices at Soulmade

The rooms are available as a business suite and junior suite. Each has a fully equipped kitchenette. However, once you have tried the burger etc. in the living room, you will probably not want to cook for the entire stay. Business Suite – 1 to 6 nights from 99 euros, 7 to 14 nights from 85 euros, from 15 nights 75 euros, from 30 nights 65 euros + 8.50 euros breakfast. Junior Suite – 1 to 6 nights from 129 euros, 7 to 14 nights from 125 euros, from 15 nights 115 euros, from 30 nights 99 euros + 8.50 euros breakfast

Soulmade, Mühlfeldweg 46, 85748 Garching near Munich, soulmadehotels.com



Many thanks to the owners of the Soulmade in Garching near Munich for the great organization of my stay, the great team for the relaxed hours, the fantastic hospitality and the many exciting facts that I took home from the hotel. More information about Soulmade can be found here

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