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Good night - thanks to a sustainable environment


Some time ago, I have invested in a very, very expensive matresse, because I thought, the short time, which leaves me every day to sleep, I also want to be celestial. I LOVE my mattress and actually have nowhere else ever slept so well as at home. But also my two daughters found out. They see it just like me – and end up night after night in our marriage bed.

How I met Yumeko: During the Munich Press Open, I paid a visit to the Sweet Communication agency. Unsuspecting I had a look at the new collections of Armedangels, Mandala & Co. and suddenly it was in front of me. The bed. Big. Friendly. Inviting. And that is exactly what happened: I was invited to sit down. What can I say? It was wonderful! The first bed is as comfortable as my own. Had I been left alone for three minutes, in all the airy-fragrant cuddle pillows – I would probably have been there the next morning. Still slumbering

Change the world sleeping – ecological sleep thanks to Yumeko

Ökologisch schlafen

Copper bed from Yumeko

Sure, I had to get to the bottom of the matter. What makes the certified and fair-produced natural latex and pocket spring mattresses (from 1050 euros), beds (from 2500 euros), bio bed covers (from 190 euros) and the heavenly bed linen (100 euros) from the Dutch label Yumeko so special? On what do you have to pay attention by the purchase of mattresses, what mistakes can be made? Stephan Zeijlemaker, founder of the sustainable label Yumeko, experienced matress expert, co-founder of War Child and board member of various foundations in the field of cooperation with developing countries and sustainability, answered my endless questions about ecol sleep.

Eco sleep: a conversation about mattresses

my-GREENstyle: How did you get the idea to start Yumeko?
Stephan Zeijlemaker: Originally I come from the advertising industry. On my questions about their goals, all customers have repeatedly answered the same questions: We want to optimize our sales. However, without thinking about how their products are made. And from whom. And under what conditions. So I have come to the conclusion that this is a dead end for brands and above all for our planet.

Yumeko wants to make the world a little bit better in sleep

This was the moment when my partner Rob van den Dool and I started dreaming of a brand that pursues a different approach. The harmlessness of nothing and nobody who respects all involved persons and is involved in the profit: from the farmers to the animals and the workers in India to the rivers, the country, our employees and the customers. For this dream, Yumeko was established in 2010.

Why rest bad when you can sleep so ecologically

Ökologisch schlafen

A dream in green

my-GREENstyle: What is your personal favorite product from Yumeko and why?
Stephan Zeijlemaker: At the moment this is the bedding of Velvet Flanell – it is so wonderfully soft and warm. If you slip under the blanket in the cold bedroom, it will be warm in the twinkling of an eye. We get this fantastic material from a flannel expert from Portugal, where the linen is made from 100 percent organic cotton. Just wonderful! How do I know? I test all our products at home – and this is one of the best moments in my job.

Perfect for dreamers, dream dancers and people who just want to sleep well – Yumeko

my-GREENstyle: The three main advantages of a Yumeko mattress compared to a conventional model?
Stephan Zeijlemaker: The hand-made mattresses are incredibly comfortable and offer the body a great support. They are produced as sustainable as possible. Plus: Customers can try our mattresses at home for up to 100 days.

my-GREENstyle: How can I find out which mattress is suitable for me?
Stephan Zeijlemaker: Actually this is quite simple: starting point is your own body weight – so you can find out the required strength of the mattress. Next, the substructure of the bed must be checked: Is it a classic slatted frame, a box spring bed or are it spiral springs? On our website, we reveal which mattress best suits to which slatted floor. In order to make it easier for our customers to make an expensive mattress purchase and, above all, to find the perfect mattresses, our mattresses can be tested at home for 100 days.

Ecological sleep – Yumeko is the green decision for a good night

Ökologisch schlafen

Produced sustainable and a perfect dream – Beds of Yumeko

my-GREENstyle: What mistakes can I make when buying a mattress?
Stephan Zeijlemaker: Actually none. However, there is a widespread misconception that hard mattresses are better for the back. At Yumeko, we have the right product for every need. Only three out of a hundred customers did not sleep well on our mattresses. We still do not know why, but we have taken them back and paid the purchase price.

my-GREENstyle: An advice that you can give each matress buyer along?
Stephan Zeijlemaker: This is very individual, so I can only recommend reading the information on our website and call our customer service if there are still open questions.

The night is the most important regeneration time – that is why to sleep ecological

my-GREENstyle: Which product would you like to include in Yumeko’s portfolio?
Stephan Zeijlemaker: At Yumeko, we are constantly working on the perfection of the circular economy and are looking for ways to produce our new products from products at the end of the circle. We have so many plans: working with an illustrator for children’s bedding, wonderfully comfortable night and loungewear. One of my personal favorites? To make bed linen made of cotton / cashmere affordable.

And for those who ask themselves, where the name Yumeko comes from – that is a Japanese girls name and means as much as dream child or dream girl. It does not get any better, right?

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