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May I introduce Sir Henry to the summer freshness in the country


Natural cosmetics for dogs – what a topic for me as a “cat-mate”! The self-cleaning function with Mr. Green and Pinkie works well thanks to extensive mucking and the two have definitely no desire for a wellness unit with foam and water. The dog, who has just been experiencing my summer holidays in the country with a long lasting rain, obviously needs an extra cleaning unit after extensive tours of fields and forests. And because for the best friend of the human being just the best is good enough, fur and paw are now spoiled with the best from nature!

Naturkosmetik für Hunde

After a long walk, Sir Henry is now looking forward to his lunch

Not for the cat – but for the dog

And quite frankly: the theme is not so absurd. Because with natural cosmetics do not only do masters & mistresses, but also the environmental good. And if the dog is still not so gladly shampooed – the natural favorite products of John Masters Organic etc. we can also use ourselves.

TOP 5: Natural cosmetics for dogs

My research was productive and therefore I introduce you – or your four-legged roommates – my top 5 care products from the shampoo to the paw balm. Good to know: Vegan are not all products. Naturally, natural cosmetics are NOT tested on animals.

Naturkosmetik für Hunde

And, of course, a selfie …

Natural cosmetics for dogs # 1: Shampoo by L:a Bruket

What a benefit: Essential oils of tea tree, lime and mint have an antibacterial effect and soothe the skin of the dog. The fragrance is massaged into a real wellness unit for the beloved four-legged friend. And in the bottle: 100 percent bio-certified ingredients. N ° 085 Dog shampoo, ca. 475 ml, of L:a Bruket, 500 ml, about 29 Euro, at greenglam.de

Naturkosmetik für Hunde

Natural cosmetics for dogs # 2: Conditioners by John Masters Organic

Conditioners are not only the extra care plus for our hair, but also for fluffy fur. Thanks to Lemongrass, this is moisturized and easier to comb. This can also do no harm: tea tree, citronella and eucalyptus protect against fleas and ticks. Lemongrass & Flaxseed Pet Conditioner by John Masters Organic (also available as Shampoo) at 29 Euro, at greenglam.de

Naturkosmetik für Hunde

Natural cosmetics for dogs # 3: paw balsam

Active quadrupeds are on the road – hot asphalt and rough terrain, like pointed stones, can strain their paws quite nicely. And that is why the extra nursing unit makes the tired paws once again with a nourishing balm of beeswax and shea butter. Thanks to the natural power of plants, small injuries can be healed in no time. Everything from controlled organic farming, of course. Soothing Balm Paw Protection for Dogs by VIMI, about 22 Euro, at vimi-naturals.com

Naturkosmetik für Hunde

Perfect for stressed dog paws

Natural cosmetics for dogs # 4: Soap

Organic olive oil, water and sea salt – that is the essence of the dog soap by Hund & Herrchen. Slightly foamed, the natural ingredients ensure gentle cleansing (sea salt) and gentle care (olive oil). The vegan dog soap is by the way BDIH and Natrue certified and is manufactured in Germany. Dog Soap Wasserratte from Hund & Herrchen, about 5 Euro, at ecco-verde.de

Naturkosmetik für Hunde

Provides dull fur an extra portion of shine

Natural cosmetics for dogs # 5: Sun protection

Rightly heard. Sun protection. Also for dogs, the sun rays are not safe. And if the little four-legged animal is not blessed with a very dense or particularly short coat, you can be sure with this suncream (SPF 30). Special attention is paid to the nose and the ears. While the mineral filter protects against a sunglass, marigold, chamomile and jojoba oil care the delicate dog skin. Simply Sunscreen 30 from VIMI natural pet care, about 25 euros at animauxshop.com

Naturkosmetik für Hunde

Sun protection for the dog? Absolutely!

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