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These three sustainable cooperations have delighted me


I’m excited: 3x power duo with XL-sustainability

Beauty meets fashion, fashion on celebrities and jewelry designer to sunglasses specialists. The result? Three great, sustainable cooperations with real favorite products. Because as power duo makes it not only more fun, the results are also twice as nice!

Power duo No.1: L’Occitane x Antik Batik

Orient meets Occident. Beauty meets fashion. And L’Occitane meets repeatedly Antik Batik. That the two French labels have become repeat offenders, I am particularly pleased. but the results of the cooperations are again beautiful.

Both companies received traditional craftsmanship alive.

Antik Batik occupies since two decades with traditional fabric printing techniques such as batik print. L’Occitane is committed to the preservation of natural heritage – for example the Corsica-based Immortelle, the beauty company has launched a program for sustainable construction to life. And so there is this time at L’Occitane x Antik Batik a limited collection with great batik printing (the designs are applied with traditional wooden temples) on Bags, Pareo and handbag. The motive? The yellow Immortelle, the emblem of Corsica, L’Occitane has devoted a skincare line.

L’Occitane x Antik Batik bag about 26 €, pouch about 19 €, Paréo about 19 €. The limited collection is available under www.loccitane.de


Long live the traditional craft techniques: L’Occitane x Antik Batik

Power duo No.2: Saskia Diez x VIU

One or the other though might noticed it – I worked as an editor at ELLE the last 8.5 years. What does that have to do with this topic? I think there is no one of the ELLE editors, who does not have a piece of jewelry by Saskia Diez. Because the Munich jewelery designer has designed with its delicate (and despite their fantastic processing still affordable) favorite songs in our hearts.

If jewelery meets sunglass design much is to expect: Saskia Diez x VIU 

So. Now Saskia Diez has made common cause with the fantastic spectacle Swiss Label VIU. Together with Fabrice Aeberhard, the Creative Designer of VIU (here the glasses are incidentally made even by hand), she has designed two super-clean, frameless sunglasses and supplied an old acquaintance of the ’70s: the glasses chain (who occasionally looked at the Instagram accounts of the well-known street-style icons have certainly seen that the glasses chain, you really only knew from mom and grandma now is back in vogue). Besides the two models dark YOU and ME there is incidentally a limited edition of 100 pieces, which is coated with a delicate gold.

The fantastic Saskia Diez x VIU glasses are available on VIU and Saskia Diez. Saskia Diez x VIU YOU and ME, from 175 € (limited 200 €), glasses chain 65 €- glasses + chain 215 or 240 €


Saskia Diez x VIU: my favorite jewelry designer makes common cause with the Swiss label glasses

Power Duo No.3: TOMS x Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project

For a whole decade, there is the Dutch label TOMS now. His idea: With every purchase of a product helps TOMS a person in distress. For each purchased shoe has a child in need a pair of shoes. With every bag sold helps TOMS to provide a safe birth for mother and child in need. And for each purchased sunglass gets a child in need glasses or medical assistance. One for One®.

Our generation can defeat AIDS completely. – Charlize Theron, Founder CTAOP

To celebrate their tenth anniversary, TOMS has partnered with Charlize Theron, which commited since 2007 with her Africa Outreach Project in her native South Africa to support the African youth in the fight against HIV / AIDS. The resulting CTAOP collection consists of blue Avalon canvas slippers for women, children and infants, and there is also the first time a backpack. For every sold part of this collection TOMS will donate 5 € to CTAOP thereby supporting HIV / AIDS awareness programs for African youth.

CTAOP x TOMS about 35 €. Hier kaufen


The Dutch label TOMS supports CTAOP of Charlize Theron

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