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Flash In love with the Blouse ZicZac


When I fell in love with the Supergirl collection of Jan ‘n June, my-GREENstyle.com did not even exist. I was in Berlin at the time to see what there is in the market for sustainable, affordable high fashion. At the latest when I discovered Juliana “Jula” Holtzheimer and Anna Bronowski, the two real Supergirls behind Jan ‘n June, it was clear that my-GREENstyle had to go online. Talking to myself that I am Jan ‘n June faithful to that. The corresponding labelportrait is one of the first my-GREENstyle posts ever. We have seen each other at every fair. This time, however, not only with a Prosecco in his hand, but “official”. With a recording device and the intention to record the content of our conversation.

bezahlbare High Fashion

Fallen in love with the Blouse ZicZac

#Blck is the new Grn – a talk about affordable High Fashion & Co.

Jula and Anna (both 26) have a lot to tell. They have fulfilled a dream with their sustainable fashion label. They started in 2014 with a successful Crowdfunding campaign. Jan ‘n June was born. Jula and Anna moved back to their parents, have reduced their cost of living and have financed their young label with side jobs. At home the two still live. But their idea of ​​making sustainable, affordable high fashion and thus revolutionizing the fashion landscape bears fruit. Since the autumn / winter season, the collection has been available in Belgium, Denmark, France, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland. We have talked about the daily business at Jan ‘n June, the work as a designer duo, the missing offspring in production facilities and their hashtag #byebyefastfashion.

my-GREENstyle.com: Jula, Anna, in which season you are going to with your label?
Jula: This is now the fifth Fashion Week and the sixth collection..

my-GREENstyle.com: And how does it feel for you?
Jula: The time is going very fast. It feels shorter, but a lot has happened at the same time. And at the Greenshowroom, we are almost old hares.

bezahlbare High Fashion

Puffy and pretty sexy

my-GREENstyle.com: The dream of your own label – did Jan ‘n June develop as you imagined?
Jula: You go on with a big portion of naivity to such a project. Luckily. Some things one would perhaps not accept, if one knew of it before. But with Jan ‘n June it is going definitely in the right direction: Yes, I would say it has developed well.

Sustainable, stylish, affordable high fashion

Anna: Our work often has little to do with the end product. But also these things have to be done so that everything runs. And we can finance our growth ourselves. We do not have to take any new money into our hands. We are proud of that. And that is more than we expected.

my-GREENstyle.com: Is the work for your own fashion label like expected?
Jula: We actually underestimated how much work is done in the structures. Optimize processes, streamline, make sure things are not duplicated … In our scale, there are no programs that automate our workflows. That’s why it takes a lot longer than with big onlineshops, with big labels. But there we are.

my-GREENstyle.com: And how can we imagine a typical day at Jan ‘n June?
Jula: This is a colorful mix of a few phone calls and very, very, very many mails that actually swallow most of the time. Despite the help we still pack many packages. A lot of Excel and a lot of time, which we put into the optimization of our onlineshop. The creative process, depending on the phase of the collection cycle, is a very small part.

bezahlbare High Fashion

I can not get enough of sky blue

my-GREENstyle.com: Would you do everything in the same way today?
Jula: From a few mistakes you have already learned (laugh).
Anna: But if it had not happened, it would have been different … It is a constant learning process. No matter how we would have done, certain hurdles must be taken.
Jula: The time was definitely right. Much has been done. A lot has changed. The competition comes. What is good, because that means that there is a demand.

We should not have started Jan ‘n June later

my-GREENstyle.com: Setting up a label is not a child’s play and is associated with a not inconsiderable amount of money. Quite apart from the fact that you make sustainable AND affordable high fashion. You live at home with your parents again?
Jula: We’re still living at home. But I’m looking for a flat.
Anna: I do not make sense to my own flat anyway, if I as a commuter for weeks are not there. That would just burn unnecessarily money.

bezahlbare High Fashion

Unaffected and gorgeously clean

my-GREENstyle.com: Some fairfashion labels also exhibit at conventional trade fairs such as the Premium. Is this a topic for you?
Jula: This is discussed again and again. So far we have not tried this, because we feel that we would go under the whole Convention. Fortunately you can not see that our clothes were produced sustainably and fair. This would of course be a way to meet other buyers, other journalists … In addition, we feel very comfortable at the Greenshowroom.

The Jan ‘n June Mission: sustainable and affordable high fashion

my-GREENstyle.com: Which icon would you like to see in Jan ‘n June?
Jula: Anna likes Karoline Herfurth very much. Or Eva Padberg. Emma Watson would be very cool, because she already supports the topic anyway.

my-GREENstyle.com: In July on the Salonhow DfC x Jan ‘n June was shown. What has become of it for you?
Jula: Our Jan ‘n June collection is rhythm-bound. This means that DfC x Jan ‘n June is produced after the launch of the summer collection. And it will be available through our onlineshop
Anna: It just goes one by one. We work all projects successively. It was clear from the start that we can not do everything at the same time because we have only one production facility so far. But the project will continue in any case.


I can not wait for it: DfC x Jan ‘n June

my-GREENstyle.com: You still produce in Breslau?
Jula: Right. But they have tremendous problems finding new talents for the production facility. All three sewing schools closed. Nobody learns how to sew. Suitable seamstresses are rare….

my-GREENstyle.com: You work with organic cotton as well as with recycled polyester. Do you have a favorite material?
Jula: That depends on the collection. My current favorite is the “angel skin”, which Anna has discovered at the Munich Fabric Start. This is a organic cotton which feels wonderfully soft and cools at the same time. But our organic fleece is always very far ahead. Just like the satin things ….
Anna: These shiny fabrics are still missing completely in our branche because they are so hard to get. And because many labels only work with natural materials. We find, however, that recycled polyester can be processed and worn fantastically. This has nothing to do with the 60s and 70s polyester. Such fabrics are needed in the collection to get away from the classic sweat jersey materials.

Recycled polyester has nothing to do with the 60s and 70s


bezahlbare High Fashion

Looking for a sustainable classic. Voilà, here it is

my-GREENstyle.com: #byebyefastfashion was your idea …
Jula: We’re trying to communicate that every shirt you not buy fast but slow is a step in the right direction. That you are aware of this, if you then buy something conventional. This is also the right way. If everyone were to think and act like this, it would bring a lot.
Anna: Sure, there must be thought leaders, pioneers, role models, which supposedly always make everything right and perfect. It often seems as if some people go through life without errors. Slowfashionbloggers often give the appearance of a perfect life. It is about changing and thinking. But mistakes are human.


my-GREENstyle.com: When did you last buy a non-sustainable part? And what was that?
Jula: That was late last year. And they were earrings. Suddenly they were there and now they are being worn all the time. There are no more purchases. Reward sales sometimes …

my-GREENstyle.com: Jula says about Anna …
Jula: Positive, analytical thinking, fashionable just like me..

my-GREENstyle.com: And Anna about Jula?
Anna: Has very precise ideas and knows what she wants. Our creative brain, as far as our social media stories are concerned. Makes the blogger relations, the campaigns come from her.

bezahlbare High Fashion

Always en vogue: the Slipdress. And this is made of recycled polyester

my-GREENstyle.com: I am assuming that you are NOT ALWAYS an opinion. Are you arguing or do you have a clash?
Anna: There’s nothing building up and exploding. We say our opinion and then look for a compromise.

That sounds very promising 🙂 Keeping up to date – fantastic, sustainable AND affordable high fashion is the future. And thank you very much for the interview, Anna and Jula!

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