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Elegant and innovative: the Yogaboard opens up new possibilities


And suddenly it lay there – the MYB Yogaboard. Stylish, artfully processed. Made of different woods. Above smooth, down curving. I could not turn my eyes away and wanted to pack it. But did not go. Instead, I conducted a detailed conversation with his creator. Dominic Strobel, a native of Würzburg and living in South Africa, has been inspired by Yogis for his invention, which he has just patented.

MYB Yogaboard

To fall in love, right?

Welcome to the Yoga Heaven, or on the MYB Yogaboard

Sure, when you have the sea in front of the door, yoga on the stand up paddle is a great way to make your asanas under the open sky while getting an extra training kink on the water. Because the balance effect not only intensifies the exercises. Muscle build-up is also accelerated. But who has regularly the chance to get his daily yoga unit on the water? And now the Yogaboard is deployed.

Surfing now in the living room, on the terrace & co.

Because the Yogaboard simulates a shaky SUP thanks to its ingenious shape. On the living room floor. Without water. Simply put a yoga mat under the board, get on and off into the seventh yoga sky. Balancing on the board means that the balance is trained and body control is raised to a new level. Depending on the thickness of the mat, the balance effect will make the elegant yoga tool attractive for beginners and professionals.

MYB Yogaboard

Sport equipment can not look better

Consistently sustainable – the MYB Yogaboard

Produced from various waste wood like maple, douglas, lark, beech and walnut and using ecofriendly glue. For shipping recyclable cardboard is used for.

MYB Yogaboard – a new favorite furniture

The Yogaboard not only opens ambitious yogis a new training world, it is a real design darling. After the yoga unit, you do not have to put your training accessory into the storage room. It has earned its place in the living room. On the wall or as an elegant seating furniture on two Charitea crates. Quickly the mobile bank is built for surprised guests.

MYB Yogaboard

And Action!

Facts, facts, facts

The Earlybird prices are no longer available. Doomed. For 169 euros plus shipping I should have buy it. Details: Size: 180 m x 45 cm x 7 cm | Weight: 11 kg. The response was huge and all pre-orderable MYB Yogaboards are gone. The first delivery is already in May 2017. The response was huge and all pre-orderable yogaboards are now gone. Meanwhile, the balance board costs 369 euros but is nevertheless due to the sustainable production method and high-quality processing a real bargain. Good to know: The innovative board is registered for the ISPO Best Product Award. I keep my fingers crossed! And: transport bags are already in work – for all those who have also fallen in love and want to have their new training partner everywhere. Still not enough? Then you can now purchase the Yogaboard-Trainerlizenz. 

PS: I must confess, that I have not tried the board myself. Dominic has invited me to do it, but I have not put any more emphasis on making myself a monkey in front of all the super-yogis at the fair. My first attempt must take place under exclusion from the public. But I have watched how enthusiastically others tried the board

You can find all informations and contact to MYB Yogaboard here

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