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Over meadows and fields - the e-bike had to bear quite something with me ...


I LOVE my Gazelle. Since my husband gave it to me more than fifteen years ago, I have not contemplated ever being unfaithful to my bike for a second. What suddenly makes me think about a new acquisition? A single afternoon on the saddle of an EGO movement e-bike has shaken our love (and I do not mean to my husband). If “analog” cyclists run out of breath, the smart E-biker still sits stylishly and without spots under the arms on his bike. And it is also extremely sustainable. Sounds good? Is fantastic

E-Bike-Tour mit EGO Movement

Veteran trend vs. Means of transport of the Future

The occasion for my e-bike tour with EGO Movement was an invitation to a bicycle trip with a picnic in the English Garden. And because the e-bike in my environment is always addressed, I finally wanted to express my own opinion on the everlasting “that is only what for veterans” vs.. “That is the perfect means of transportation in the city”.

E-bike tour with EGO movement

Start of the bike tour was the EGO Movement Shop at Leopoldstraße 98, directly around my corner. All the more surprised I was that I have never noticed the shop of the young Swiss e-bike start-up (founded 2015). Because: The bikes of Ego Movement are the HAMMER! The chic bikes are available in two versions for ladies and gentlemen, both in classic retro design and equipped with high-performance engines (but later on) in a superelegant way (not for nothing they have been awarded the Red Dot Award 2016). In matte black, bronze and snow white – each with incredibly chic, design-matched accessories from the water bottle to the helmet. Brand new: From November, the batteries are painted in frame color. As far as the chic, lifestyligen data.

E-Bike-Tour mit EGO Movement

Reduced retro design – it can not be more elegant!

A bit of technology must also be

You can choose between rear engine (starter model) and mid-engine. Both bikes bring 25 km / h on the speedometer. The mid-engine model has a speed sensor that detects how much effort you put into the pedals and adjusts itself. Plus: I decide how much additional drive I get from the engine. That gave me maximum pleasure in the subsequent test ride. Because for me, an e-bike was a kind of moped in bike form. To say: press, push and leave somewhere.

How e-biking works: cycling or individual support request

Here, you can cycle both – sporty or request customized support. Good to know: The battery is sufficient for a distance of 60 to 80 km (the new generation from November 2017 can even create up to 100 km) and can be recharged within six hours at any power outlet. And who once again forgot to load his mobile phone over night – the USB port makes it possible. As far as the technical data is concerned, I could go into detail here. Because I listened co-founder Daniel Meyer very well. But cycling itself reveals more than 1000 words. So: arrange a test ride, get started and start an e-bike tour with EGO Movement!

From theory to practice – my first e-bike trip

Okay, long speech, short meaning. I got up and was quite surprised, what power is in the chic retro bikes. Down into the English garden, a bit on the buttons, other cyclists easy overtaken, jogger tired grinning behind me … – King of the bike path, I’d say. After a wonderful picnic stop in the northern part of the English Garden (even with a sheep herd) with deliciously cool Mono tea, crisp healthy salads and snacks, I chose the other model for the return trip. Whom is better – this is a matter of taste.

E-Bike-Tour mit EGO Movement

The Picnic in the English Garden!

My conclusion of the e-bike tour with EGO Movement

What more can I say? Veteran trend? No way! The bikes go great! After all, you can also go cycling. Only arriving is much more stylish. Without welding spots & Co. After our group trip I had an appointment in the Glockenbach. And never before had bicycling seemed as exhausting as on this circuit. A little physical exercise does not really hurt, and replaces the gym, but on such a hot day, I was on my 3-speed Dutch bike only busy to pluck the blouse, so that nowhere ugly spots arise. And that’s exactly what the e-bike does: E-biking is cycling 4.0. It must go faster, it should be less strenuous and if you want to arrive accurately, then it is called push button. And otherwise, it is straightened.

E-Bike-Tour mit EGO Movement

And if you suddenly advance so fast, you will also meet those fluffy contemporaries

E-biking is cycling 4.0 

Prices: Okay, the super-styler bikes are not cheap. But quality has its price. And when you pull off fuel, train ticket and fitness studio, the prices of 1900 euros turn upwards in turn. Quite apart from the fact that it feels great when you can be free of emissions. All the information and possibilities for the configuration of the favorite bike can be found on egomovement.com

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