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Always a pleasure: I have met Sandra Schittkowski, designer of my favorite bag


Shoes, bags, dream beautiful Eco Accessories – Sandra Schittkowski states in her Hamburg-based Eco-label high-end favorite companions for modern (business) women. Heels can´t be found in the collections of the smart power woman. Because her shoes are designed to instruct us in style all day. And how little elegant we look when our feet hurts and we still have to walk in our heels for hours. Her great business essentials are much smarter – as clever as their wearer.

Sustainable elegance for women on the move – business essentials from Hamburg

At NINE TO FIVE there are medium high heels with a perfect fit. Shoes that are so comfortable that you do not want to take them off. They accompany us around the clock. And the bags? Anyone who knows my outfit posts, know that I am a XL-fan of the NINE TO FIVE #boho clutch. Why? Because it is minimalist and elegant and multifunctional – as the entire collection.


My long-term darling: the Boho-clutch from NINE TO FIVE

My absolute favorite bag is the #boho clutch of NINE TO FIVE.

A real nine to five companion. But just beautiful is not enough for Sandra Schittkowski. She also wants good. And that’s why her clever business essentials are (hereby every reader is invited to look at the collections personally) made exclusively in small factories under fair working conditions in Europe. In addition to vegetable-dyed organic calfskin (from Europe) and organic salmon leather (from Germany) who are used at NINE TO FIVE for Eco accessories. All leathers are tanned without using chromium. I love!

Ladies, get ready to work – a conversation about business essentials

my-GREENstyle: You originally come from the communications industry and have then decided to found a sustainable accessory label. How did it happen?
Sandra Schittkowski: If you realize that there is a need that is not covered. In the communication or advertisement you deal very intensively with the products. You make surveys and quizzes. And one wishes that the products where you are involved, are great. If you notice that the products are not quite so great, then you have to make them just yourself.


Best for business: Eco accessories from NINE TO FIVE

my-GREENstyle: Where would you like to see NINE TO FIVE in the next few years?
S. Sch.: My goal is to test the innovations offered by the market immediately and try myself. These materials and opportunities I want to connect with an exciting design aspect. And maybe to turn one or the other wheel on the globalization, try other production mechanisms, to be more local, to be responsible.

My goal: try new ways of production, to be more local and responsible

my-GREENstyle: The constant search of new. With which innovation at your wonderful business essentials you surprise us next?
S. Sch.: Currently I have pineapple leather in perspective. This is so far unfortunately only produced in very small quantities and you have to find first a design language with the new material. It looks great, is vegan – we will see.


As Bootie fan these are actually a must for me

NINE TO FIVE works with innovative, sustainable materials such as salmon and sea bass leather

my-GREENstyle: This would already be my next question: Vegan is booming. Can you imagine a vegan capsule collection?
S. Sch.: For my bag line I have the idea, not only to offer exclusively full leather products, but also to work with linen, cotton, pineapple leather, Rami etc.. We are definitely looking around for suitable alternatives.

my-GREENstyle: You have just presented an exciting collaboration with Black Velvet Circus. We saw the fantastic Bootie on the runway of the Salon show. How did you came together?
S. Sch.: In Hamburg we have a designer regulars´ table, which goes beyond sustainability. There we can exchange at eye level. This is incredibly inspiring and motivating. You get to know each other, realize that you have in common and things can tackle together. Tanja of Black Velvet Circus wanted to offer a whole look. And that is why we made the shoes for them.

Can't get enough: Nine to Five x Black Velvet Circus

Can’t get enough: Nine to Five x Black Velvet Circus

At the Hamburg designer regulars´ table sustainable and conventional Designers are in exchange.

my-GREENstyle: Besides your work for NINE TO FIVE You are active as a communications consultant. There is not much time to relax. Your tip for power regeneration?
S. Sch.: My weekend-relaxation is structured. I like to be alone to work on all threads. To decide where the journey should go. Yoga grounds me again and gives me the right balance. If you always wants to save the world, the shoulders are quickly heavy. I prefer my little vacation on the morning. To be in the office at 10 am, make my cereal myself, pre-sort the topics in the head and start the day slow.

You have to get used to the condition, that things sometimes do not disappear from the list.

my-GREENstyle: You’re proud of …
S. Sch.: On several. (Laughs) It was not predictable that I got so far as an career changer.

my-GREENstyle: A wish you want to fulfil yourself?
S. Sch.: I would like to pay the people who help me and work for me decently, and to make a living from NINE TO FIVE.

Thanks for the interview, Sandra!

Even more business essentials: The whole wonderful collection of NINE TO FIVE’s is here

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