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Chocolate from Santa Claus


Organic Snacks # 1: Chocolate from Original Beans

Eating chocolate and doing good? It has never been so easy. Thanks to the smart concept of Original Beans, not only rare but unfortunately endangered cocoa beans are protected – with each bar sold, a tree is also planted in the rainforest. The carefully selected varieties are purchased directly from the smallholders on site and training in sustainable farming is still on top. Plus: the beautiful packaging of this delicacy is also fully compostable and the entire company is climate-positive.

The original Beans motto? Making the world better with better chocolate

And the chocolate? Behind each of the outrageously delicious varieties is a fascinating story and a project. My current favorite? Esmeraldas Milk with Fleur de Sel, which comes from the last Pacific rainforest in Ecuador. Feel like? Chocolate for 3.95 euros at originalbeans.com


Organic Snacks # 2: Cocoa Bars by Pana Cacao

Vegan, raw, gluten-free, without soy, no added sugar – what sounds like maximum health with minimal enjoyment is all, utmost delight. Bites for bites. This small, 45-gram, handmade, Australian, naturally eco-certified chocolate bar fell into my hands at the beginning of the year at Fashion Week in Berlin and I put it aside for the emergency described above. In fact, I discovered it in my luggage only in Munich and as luck would have it, it was snack time. A single bite catapulted me into seventh chocolate heaven. Delightfully refreshing with coconut and goji berries! At this point, I must apologize again probably that I did not think the really nicely packaged bar. I hope he has forgiven me, because now he belongs to my unfortunately not quite cheap standard repertoire. Want to try? Coconut Goji is currently on sale for 2.49 euros. The entire repertoire of Pana Cacao is here

Organic Snacks # 3: Snack Balls by Mission More

Perfect alternative to chocolate are the Superfood Snack Balls. At the moment I’m really into the variation of coconut maca guarana and what I particularly love about the delicious balls is that they are produced on a date-fruit basis and are completely sugar-free. That is, they provide decent and long-term energy and do not result in the low-effective short-term energy boost of refined sugar that disappears as quickly as it did.

The mission? The most sinful taste, derived from natural ingredients.

The only thing that really bothers me is the packaging. Six balls in my opinion oversized packaging – there is still room for improvement. I urgently need to inquire about a plastic-free solution. Blueberry, Chia Cranberry / lemon or just coconut / maca / guarana are available for 1.95 Euro at foodist.de


Organic Snacks # 4: Barrel Marshmellow Bars

That the Belgians have a knack for chocolate is not new. Not for nothing did my Belgian grandfather always hoard an extra-large portion of chocolate in his closet, which was guarded with arrogance when the family invaded him. It was only piecemeal enough … But this pleasure object here is still a very different number anyway, because here meets the darkest chocolate on fluffy marshmellow and wonderfully surprising salty caramel. In sum, that results in … Well, you have to find out yourself. Only so much: once bitten, never forgotten! Incidentally, the Marsh Mellows are still stirred and cut by hand at the young start-up. The caramel is prepared according to an old house recipe. And of course there are no chemical colors or any nasty taste enhancers. And they are in the 6-pack for 9.95 euros at baru.be

Organic Snacks # 5: Coconut water from Tropicai

Hello? Coconut water? This is about snacks! And that’s exactly what coconut water is for me. Deliciously refreshing and wonderfully healthy, coconut water has already replaced a chocolate snack. It is not for nothing that this beverage has been prized around the world as a natural “isotonic” drink before it has come out of nowhere.

Fills up empty storages and brings holiday feeling to our latitudes.

King Coconut comes from Sri Lanka and is made from one (and I mean ONE per bottle) orange coconut. Tropicai (by the way, I also have coconut blossom sugar at home from this label) is committed to sustainable cultivation and cooperation with fairly paid smallholders in Sri Lanka. Plus: vegan, gluten and lactose free and preservative free and artificial sweetener. For 2.49 euros at tropicai.com Incidentally, there are also as “Minty Melon” and “Pineapple Passion”


Organic Snacks # 6: Herbal Tea by Detox Delight

And because I think that tea and chocolate is a unique combination, here’s my current favorite tea. Who feeds a lot of chocolate & Co. can drink a detox tea in between. The herbal tea is a wonderfully fresh blend of lemon grass, coriander, cinnamon, ginger and mint. And so in the pretty box is pretty much everything that makes a favorite tea for me. All organic, of course. My ideal at this very moment? Wonderfully comfortable lying on the couch, with a pot of tea, a good book and a (or two) delicious piece of chocolate … And the box also has a connection use – my daughter wants her as a treasure chest for her earrings. By the way, my tea is still from Detox Delight. The Munich label has renamed itself and is now called Tea Delight. The tea is available for 17 euros at pure-delight.de

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