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Lots of sustainable favorite parts that are also on my wish list ...


Roam the city center, browse countless online stores, and spend an awful lot of time finding Christmas gifts for people who really do not need anything – except time. I save that for a few years and give it away rather. Shared time for the girlfriend, mom, the man. But, and of course my mother is right as always, it’s fun to unpack a Present at Birthday or Christmas. And that’s why there’s always something for everyone under the tree.

# 1 – Sustainable Gifts for the Girlfriend: Creeper

The babouches are so great that you should not even give them away. They are perfect slippers, replace every bath shoes, go with jeans and dresses and even on the sideboard they make a fantastic figure as a deco object. These artworks are made from hand-dried goat leather in Morocco. And because the beautiful Babouches are from Abury, the craftsmen get education for their work in addition to fair payment – in the case of this model that are five hours. Babouches from Abury, around 35 euros, at abury.net

# 2 – Sustainable Gifts for the Girlfriend: Meaningful Questions

At a time when mainly the “go” is in the foreground, Nina Schmid and her mother Julia Kalmund deal with philosophy, with books, with great thinkers who try to bring some order into the world, which has gotten slightly out of joint. The two founded the label Street Philosophy in Munich and print what the old philosophers like Plato, Aristoles & Co. understood a long time ago. My favorite comes from the Greek Epikur and follows “Pleasure is the beginning and the end of living happily.” Incidentally, the shirts one-size and are made sustainably, ethically and ecologically correctly. About 60 euros, at street-philosophy.de

# 3 – Sustainable Gifts for the Girlfriend: Alternatives

I am still looked at with wide eyes when I speak of pineapple leather, rhubarb leather & Co. Of course, I love to clear up. But actually it’s even better if you just bring the great material to the people. And that’s why the gorgeous minimalist pineapple leather folding clutch is on my gift list. Because in the future even more people will compliment and the recipient can proudly answer “and made of pineapple leather“. Unfortunately, not everyone can say that – but still a good start into a full-length conversation … Clutch from Maravillas Bags, around 52 euros, at maravillas-bags.com

# 4 – Sustainable Gifts for the Girlfriend: Mug Set

Drinking alone is half of fun – under this motto is of course clear that I give away cups, glasses & Co. at least in a pack of two. Since I saw the Set no. 1 from KPM‘s LAB series, I felt in love. For me they are the epitome of purity, clarity, minimalism. And they are inspired by things that KPM has already made in the past. Recently I drank champagne from a similar model – that was a special moment somehow. I was all the more enthusiastic when I discovered the cups from the LAB series at the Berlin manufactory. Thin-walled with a perfect form makes drinking raise to a new level. With their 180 ml capacity perfect for the start of the day with the morning coffee, with a refreshing water for in between or for the reviving champagne at Christmas … Cup Set no. 1 from the LAB series by Königliche Porzellan Manufaktur Berlin, around 68 euros, at kpm-berlin.com

# 5 – Sustainable Gifts for the Girlfriend: Fir Green …

… green forest, greenery green, my GREENstyle green or meadow green. Definitely green. And since I discovered this color on a trip to the really unique Greenglam Organic Beauty Store in Augsburg, I have used it as often as possible. Perfect shine and surprisingly long durability (which is most important to me), vegan, Made in Germany, including all ingredients. And if I also order a nail polish, I can put together with my BFF a small Beautyday. Then we have something to unpack AND time together. Nail Polish OZX x Greenglam Edition # 2 “Fir Green”, 12 ml, around 14 Euro, at greenglam.de

# 6 – Sustainable Gifts for the Girlfriend: Proof of Love

Cold feet falling asleep? My personal hell! And that’s why I’ve always had cuddly bed socks handy for years. And because good sleep is the best thing you can ask for someone, I think bed socks should not be missing on the gift list for loved ones. And this model comes from happy, free-range alpacas from the UK. The yarn is spun in a small family business in Devon using traditional techniques and machinery. Especially great: the wool is not dyed, is free of any synthetic fiber and does not need to be washed. Alpaca socks from Yumeko, around 21 euros. At yumeko.de For this gift you will beloved!

Nachhaltige Geschenke für die Freundin

# 7 – Sustainable Gifts for the Girlfriend: Liquid Gold

Face and body oils must be tried on to love them. I resisted for a long time because I did not like the application and the thought of oil on my face and body. And then I finally tried it. What can I say: Neither runs the application of the oil in the sleeve, nor can´t you wear anything in the next hour. On the contrary: The oil leaves a wonderfully silky finish and makes me feel that I have done something really special for my skin. I just tried the new body oil from Stop the water while using me. Whole 12 organic oils are in the small bottle and give my heat-dry skin a lot of moisture, build the protective barrier again and calm it and give me even in winter caressing skin. Sure, that’s my tip for a real girlfriend gift, right? All Natural Almond Fig body oil by Stop the water while using me, around 25 Euro, here online

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