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Great gifts for men


# 1 – Sustainable Christmas gifts for men: Notebook

As for notes, I am just as oldschool as with appointments. They are still noted in my handwriting. The calendar is in front of me on a desk and I have everything in sight without having to turn on my phone again. And that’s the same with notes. I have a lot of them and they are just written in notebooks. Then they occupy no unnecessary storage space in my head, can be viewed well and be crossed out once they are done. That’s great, effective is stylish and that’s why the pretty everyday helper from Friday to custom 1A is a lasting Christmas gift for men. Plus: These small new everyday helpers ensure that no waste is left on the tables of the Swiss bag designer. Notebook from Friday, from 38 Euro, soon at Friday.ch Full written? Then simply get new inlays …

Photo credit: Oliver Nanzig

# 2 – Sustainable Christmas gifts for men: constant companion

Men and bags, that’s still such a thing. Mostly the jacket and trouser pockets are stuffed instead of trying to get a bag. Sorry, you should not generalize, but that’s my experience from many, many years and I apologize to all those who do not conform to this stereotype. But nevertheless, this bag is intended for both. Those who have not used it yet can get in with it in style, and those who use it diligently will take the bag feeling to a new level with the “Day Tripper” by David de Rothschild’s label The Lost Explorer. Made of the ultrapractic and durable everyday companion of water-table remnants, which were developed for the British Ministry of Defense. Thanks to waterproof seams and zips, all your belongings stay dry. Bags by The Lost Explorer, about to $ 235, at thelostexplorer.com Attention limited

# 3 – Sustainable Christmas gifts for men: Beautifier

Apparently, man is also taking a preference for care products. And before he uses our crucibles again and again (or even worse: brings some drugstore products), he gets something special this year. However, to be as enthusiastic about his gift as we do, a few points must be kept in mind: It has to work fast, must absorb super fast and be uncomplicated to use. And as for me, it should be a natural product. That’s why I put the “Nature of Men” care series from Pharmos Natur on this list here. There is the best of everything: Aloe Vera Bio Ursaft replaces the water and ensures that the plant nutrients get there, where they should work. My husband gets the effect serum with cranberry, grape seed oil and natural hyaluronic acid – which he can then use as an aftershave as well as a natural freshness kick in between. Effect Serum, 50 ml, around 98 Euro, at pharmos-natur-shop.de

# 4 – Sustainable Christmas gifts for men: Winter shoes

Because my husband is the classic sneaker type, he also wears it in winter, of course. The alternatives I proposed were consistently rejected. For years. But recently I got a small victory: the “Argan Mid” by ekn footwear seems to be sneaker enough to please my husband. And because it’s also made from organic wool felt, it’s definitely warmer than anything in its shoe cabinet. Oh yes, the cool hightop is lined with leather, its sole is recycled and made by hand in Portugal. The claim of the Frankfurt-based label that I discovered at the Greentec Awards in Munich: Walking clean in a dirty world. Clear that sooner or later a model will move in with us. “Argan Mid” by ekn footwear x Mr. Bailey, around 170 euros, at eknfootwear.com

# 5 – Sustainable Christmas gifts for men: Everything to go

My children takes them every day at school and I can not leave home without them – drinking bottles have become constant companions for zero waste fans. Only my husband does not have his own. But that will change at Christmas. He’s not really a coffee addict unlike me, but he’s thirsty too. And the super-practical insulated bottles by Klean Kanteen not only keep the drinks warm (up to 14 hours), but also cool in the summer (up to 40 hours). And I find that particularly practical: the large opening. This is a great way to fill in and pour out. And he will be especially happy about that: a wonderfully steaming soup in the mountains! Bottle “Wide Vacuum Insulated 20 oz” by Klean Kanteen, 592 ml, for 45 Euro, at kleankanteen.de

# 6 – Sustainable Christmas gifts for men: Knitted Jumper

Cuddly, wonderfully warm and extremely fair – the Brattland Sweater no. 1 is the result of intensive studies and extra sustained commitment. And now the Swedish outdoor label Fjällräven has succeeded in making a knit sweater that can be worn with the best of conscience. On their own farm in Åre in central Sweden, Fjällräven keeps a herd of Jämtland sheep living in the wild. And just as natural as the environment and the nature of animal husbandry is the limited collection. Undyed and spun and knit in Sweden, the wool from Brattlandsgården Farm can be traced back to 100%. Transparency, animal welfare and environmental protection as well as the best quality were the incentives for Fjällräven to make the wool comprehensible in addition to the transparent production chain for down. Currently there are only 120 of these gorgeous sweaters, because they come from the first shearing. Brattland Sweater no. 1 by Fjällräven, around 400 euros, at fjällräven.de

# 7 – Sustainable Christmas gifts for men: Spices

… and because cooking is not only modern, but goes through the stomach, delights friends and family, the apartment flows with a wonderful fragrance, the life and every now and then requires a bit of individuality and new momentum, is the gift set with three Great types of pepper, which taste fantastic individually and are individually mixed, just the best. With: Tiger pepper (66g), Kubeben pepper (61g) and Tellicherry pepper, which thanks to the chic mortar from Zassenhaus can always be freshly prepared to spice up pasta, salads & Co. Speaking of proper seasoning: In my kitchen are still the turbo hot spice, the tofu spice, Sporty Spice … Since I met the guys from the Dusseldorf-based spice label a few years ago, I have nothing else left in my spice rack – solo or as a mixture. In any case, always inspiring. Spice-Set “Pfeffer-Profi” by Just Spices, around 48 Euro, at justspices.de

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