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I'm always excited about the XL range of great natural cosmetics products


For years I wrote articles that returned every year. For products that are color coordinated. My favorite question after 16 years in a publishing house: “Mimi, you have perhaps a book in red? Squared would be great.” Yes, the products in this post match color and somehow they are seasonal due to pastel. Coincidence? No idea. But what it’s all about: Every single tube, bottle, and jar is a real favorite product that can be found in my bathroom. Why do I love these eco-darlings?

# 1 Pink Power for Girls: Body lotion by i + m

Everybody knows daisies which we have put into vases as children or with which we have tied hair wreaths. It is now available at the Berlin beauty label i + m in combination with sun plant extract and great organic oils such as avocado, argan and jojoba as fragrant bodylotion (and as a deodorant cream or shower gel). Fair, organic, vegan – just i + m. 100 ml, around 7 euros. At iplusm.berlin

Pink Power

# 2 Pink Power for Girls: Toner from Lovely Day

Toner got important for me recently. I never really understood what you really need them for. Until I tried them. The immediate effect? After cleansing the face, toner ensures that the skin does not stretch. The long-term effect? With an extra dose of rose petal water, aloe vera, chamomile and vegan hyaluronic acid, the skin is moisturized, the pores are reduced and the complexion revived. Of course without alcohol. Hyalouron + Bloom Face Toner from Lovely Day around 28 Euro. At lovelydaybotanics.com

Pink Power

# 3 Pink Power for Girls: Body Oil by Apoem

Just as little as facial oils, body oils were on my must-have list. Meanwhile, I see the topic very different. My current favorite? The body oil of the Spanish beauty label Apoem. Not only because founder Paola Gugliotta is incredibly personable and a great power woman. But because the super-rich oil instantly retreats its holistic skin care line and brings my dry skin back to life. Sounds like winter care? I also love it in the summer after showering, swimming, etc. And when I’m wearing a dress, with the wonderfully fragrant oil (coconut, rice, avocado, thistle), I conjure up a little glow on my legs. Replenish Body Oil by Apoem, 250 ml, around 45 Euro. At greenglam.de

Pink Power

# 4 Pink Power for Girls: Lipstick from Und Gretel

Function meets style – you can not better summarize the complete make-up range of the Berlin natural cosmetics label actually. Because in the white, superclean packaging is the best from nature. Highly pigmented colors, fine textures, long adhesion, no chemical ingredients. Therefore, there was also a BDIH certification for this achievement. Am I a fan? Anyone reading my beauty posts knows that the lipstick is definitely not my only And Gretel product. Lipstick “Taragot” by And Gretel, around 41 euros. At greenglam.de

Pink Power

# 5 Pink Power for Girls: Hand Cream from Yope

If you ask me which three beauty products I cant do without? Hand cream is definitely one of them. I have hand cream on the desk, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the handbag. Currently, my ginger sandalwood cream by Yope is next to my keyboard. Strictly speaking, not pure natural cosmetics, but with 92 percent natural ingredients pretty close. Anyway, I’m totally thrilled how wonderful it is on my hands. And my daughters love them too – no question about the packaging design, right? Hand Cream Ginger & Sandalwood from Yope, 100 ml, around 9 Euro. At greenglam.de

Pink Power

# 6 Pink Power for Girls: Konjac Sponge from Kongy

Did we really need Konjac sponges? Washcloths & Co. have done us well with the facial cleansing. In fact, the Konjac Sponge can do more. It combines gentle skin peeling, cleansing without soap and serves as a natural moisturizer. In addition, it is vegan and 100 percent biodegradable. The smart sponge is made from the tuber of the Asian Devil’s Tongue, which grows in high altitudes and is therefore particularly pure and free of pollutants. Suitable for sensitive skin. Konjac sponge from Kongy, around 9 euros. At konjac-sponge.com

Pink Power# 7 Pink Power for Girls: Nail Polish by Kia Charlotta

Founder Kia I know personally and follow the development of her Munich nail polish start-up always with tension. The concept of convinced vegan? Vegan, animal-free, 14-free – so that neither humans nor the environment have to suffer from their product. By the way, with each of her shades Kia tells a little story. Let yourself be surprised! Good to know: With her deliberately small (5ml) nail polish bottles she tries to counteract the throwaway trend. Oh so: Made in Germany are the super long-lasting lacquers, by the way, too. Nail polish “Lavender Sky” by Kia Charlotta, 5ml, around 13 euros. At kia-charlotta.com

Pink Power

# 8 Pink Power for Girls: Lipstick from Burt’s Bees

What should not be missing in a Pink Power post? Lipstick of course! And I always have several of them. For years (even before I started blogging about green topics), the lipsticks from Burt’s Bees accompany me. Moisturizing, just the right dose of shine, long lasting and 100 percent natural ingredients. Available as a glossy or velvety variant. Lipstick from Burt’s bees, around 14 euros. At greenglam.de

Pink Power

# 9 Pink Power for Girls: Scalp Spray by Aveda

Based on invigorating ayurvedic herbs, the Munich beauty expert has developed a complex of active ingredients (Densiplex) that revitalises the scalp, strengthens the hair and ensures that it a) breaks less easily and b) does not turn out so quickly. And what is in the bottle? Turmeric, ginseng, millet, milk thistle extract and kukui nut oil from certified organic farming. Good to know: The Revitalizer is part of a system care consisting of shampoo and conditioner. Nevertheless, I use it alone. The result can certainly be optimized in the 3-combination. Scalp revitalizer “Invati” from Aveda, 100 ml, around 49 euros. At breuninger.com

Pink Power

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