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I will be probably not personally at the Prince – The 1994 Monaco Sitting exhibition in Berlin, because I won´t arrive in the capital before September 22 to a major event. But as XL-Prince fan I will do my utmost to arrive two days before to see the previously unpublished images of my music idol Prince at last chance.

Even though I probably can not be there, I don`t wanted to miss a) to post the great press image and b) making all Berlin-based and other capital visitors that the way into the gallery Benhardj&Djilali really worths.

The list of my favorite songs of Prince is endless – from Little Red Corvette over 1999 and When Doves Cry. I love them all and can hear it again and again in an endless loop. And all of them I have on LP – even if no one calls it so, because “Vinyl” sounds much cooler.

Prince – The 1994 Monaco Sitting


My favorite song from Prince? A.L.L.!

Yasmine Benhadj-Djilali shows from 19.8. 2016 in her Berlin gallery previously unpublished images of the little superstar. Made from Albert Steffen. The German photographer has worked for well-known publications such as the Zeit, the Stern, the SZ-Magazin or Vogue. And in his career, he has had numerous celebrities in front of his lens. So even Prince. The ten pictures shown here are from an exceptional portrait session of 1994, as Albert Steffen there had a photo session with the superstar at the Hotel de Paris in Monaco.

Comfort Zone

A second documented in the Benhardj&Djilali gallery topic under the title “Comfort Zone” gives an insight into the nocturnal goings on the unisex toilet at the legendary Berlin club Cookies. Also photographed by Alfred Steffen.


This series was to the end of the club under wraps.: Comfort Zone (c) Albert Steffen

Prince – The 1994 Monaco Sitting & Comfort Zone
Galerie Benhardj&Djilali
Torstr. 170, 10115 Berlin

Exhibition dates: 20.8. bis 20.9. 2016
Opening: 19.8.2016, from 6 to 10 pm

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