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Pretty glamorous, right? And then also completely climate-neutral! (C) GreenTec Awards


GreenTec Awards 2017 – that sounds like a lot of technology. A topic, that for me as a fashion specialist is not quite so high on my list of interests. But as Marco Voigt has so beautifully said in his jubilee speech: technology is now a part of the green lifestyle. Great sneakers from plastic waste from the oceans would not be possible without smart technological developments. Just as little as the Kunert Blue tights made from recycled fish nets, which was presented at last year’s awards in Munich. And so you could continue the list endlessly.

GreenTec Awards 2017

The whole, really great stage – the color changed again and again

As privileged as we live, we could be a little more careful

Last year, I met many great people and their fantastic, sustainable projects at the GreenTec Awards 2016 in Munich. I was so enthusiastic that I did not want to miss the jubilee event in Berlin. And of course the trip to the GreenTec Awards 2017 paid off. In addition to blogger colleagues such as Vreni from Jäckle and Hösle and the two power women behind the Eco magazine Peppermynta Mag, I have met Greenshowroom founder Magdalena Schaffrin again, got news from Vasi Efthimiou, managing green online shopping platform Green Window. And I have brought revolutionary news from Jack Wolfskin: The German outdoor expert from Hesse is the first company worldwide to use recycled membranes for their functional clothing.

GreenTec Awards 2017

Revolutionary news in the luggage: Jack Wolfskin

The GreenTec Awards 2017 – Quick Facts

The location: the cool eWerk in Berlin. The Dresscode: Black Tie. The food of Berlin Cuisine: maximum delicious (hmm, the quinoa salad!). The drinks at the green glowing Wilo bar: delicious (especially for Gin & Tonic fans like me). The Music Acts: Johnny Hates Jazz and the wonderful Frida Gold, whose lyrics have once again provided the goose bumps. All in all: a glamor event of the extra class. And that in the green area! For that there is full score from me and a double thumbs up! Congratulations to Marco and Sven, who put the sustainability from the unfortunately still very quiet corner into the spotlight with events like this. This is precisely why the industry is still missing a great deal despite the future-oriented subject.

GreenTec Awards 2017

Hmmm, the delicacies of Berlin Cuisine (my favorite after the gala: the quinoa salad, or the gazpacho?)

My heroes of the GreenTec Awards 2017

Now, finally, to the stars of the evening, the nominees, the prize-winners, the visionary heads, the committed eco-heroes, who are pushing forward their genius projects with full commitment. Awards were given in 15 categories. All nominees and winners of the GreenTec Awards 2017 can be found as always on the official website. Here are my personal favorites

Clever Shuttle – a fairly smart and environmentally friendly alternative to the classic taxi. There are only e-vehicles and plug-in hybrids. Clever sharing concepts make the prices possible, because passengers with similar routes are bundled. Pretty clever, right ?! The innovative concept of GHT Mobility GmbH, which has won in the Special Prize Start-Up category, is already available in Leipzig, Berlin and Munich. Sure, I will try this environmentally friendly and cheap driving service soon 🙂 More information here

My Boo – the great bamboo bikes produced in Ghana and the proceeds from which are supported by wonderful projects such as the construction of schools have not won the award in the Lifestyle category, but the combination of great design, maximum sustainability and fantastic Social commitment has made them my personal winners. The two guys from Kiel have my highest respect for this grandiose project! You can find more info here

GreenTec Awards 2017

My personal winners: my Boo from Kiel with the famous bamboo bikes

Showerloop – this invention is likely to make countless people happy, or free them from their bad conscience, if they are longer than necessary under the shower. Because Showerloop – winner of the category Galileo Wissenspreis – can recycle shower water in real time. And lets us shower with ten liters of water as long as we would like without burdening the environment. The greatest fan of this smart invention is probably Ray Garvey, who has spontaneously emerged as a real shower fan.

The only place I had peace before my seven sisters was the shower – Ray Garvey

The singer has seven sisters. And the shower was the only place where he had the peace as a rooster in the henhouse. Sure, who has developed to the real long shower ones. In order to be able to enjoy his little time out – from his wife and daughter – without a bad conscience, he gave the Finnish founder immediately financial support of 10,000 euros. You can find more info here

Joulia – the invention of the two Swiss Reto and Christopher also has to do with the theme of showers. They work with heat recovery from sewage. When I met the two winners of the Construction & Living category following the gala on the courtyard of the eWerk, they had already agreed with Showerloop. For combining these two inventions, that make a shower sustainable to a new level. You can find more info here

Armedangels – the Cologne fairwear label, which has set itself the goal of becoming the most fair fashion company in the world, has not won in the category Textiles and Fashion by Kunert , but is also celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and showed with three styles (presented by, among others, Serlina of the Germanys Next Top Models) the first XS-Fashionshow at the GreenTec Awards.

In addition to all the awesome award winners and nominees of the evening, a person particularly tied me up. Samy Deluxe. The Hamburg – based rapper has been awarded the category – surprise – Music and surprised me with his numerous engagements, just as his colleague Thomas D.

As a black man in Germany, I always had only the equality in mind. Sorry that I have neglected the environment.

In addition to his social commitment to social issues, his project, DeluxeKidz e.V., with whom he would like to bring responsibility, respect and tolerance to children and adolescents, he always inspires me anew because he simply says (or sings) what he thinks. Because he makes no bones about it. It was also very entertaining, of course, by my youth heroine Nena, who had her daughter Larissa with her …

GreenTec Awards 2017

Wordy trio: The laudators Nena and Larissa with award winner Samy Deluxe (c) GreenTec Awards

And after three hours of exciting projects and in the long run a bit of uncomfortable sitting, we went on to the aftershow party of the GreenTec Awards 2017 … And that was fantastic!

Here again the impressions of the evening:

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