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Winter skin adé! With these steps I make my skin fit for spring


Do you know that too? It shows the first sunrays and you want to wear the favorite skirts again without tights. But somehow the skin looks a bit tired and pale after the long winter. And so I start with my “Sexy skin” steps for the new season. Then it only needs a few sunrays and the skin looks again fresh like the spring!

Sexy Skin

My favorites for a great start to spring

My steps for Sexy skin

Step # 1: Sexy skin – Body Scrub

How I wake my skin from the winter sleep? With an effective but gentle body scrub! Ground pumice stone (Aesop says “no” to microplastics!) and bamboo remove gently tired skin cells. And wonderfully essential oils from pine and pine needles, fragrant ointment leaves and gorgeous cloves ensure maximum fresh aroma. Use it once or twice a week under the shower. “Redemption Body Scrub” by Aesop, 180 ml, about 30 Euro

Sexy Skin

Simply push off and away – a good exfoliation makes tired skin again cheerfully

Step # 2: Sexy skin – Body Care

The fact that I rely on olives and their wonderfully nourishing effect has probably not been hidden to anyone (for example, mouth oil cure). And that’s why my freshly scrubbed skin gets an extra pampering unit right after the shower: I massage the fragrant body serum of Oliveda into my skin for a few minutes, so that it becomes tender. Great plus thanks to detoxifying olive extract: the skin becomes firmer. And who does not want that ?! “B16 Cell Active Body Serum” by Oliveda, 200 ml, about 76,95 Euro

Sexy Skin

Extra pudding with the best of olive and honey

Step # 3: Sexy skin – Body Oil

Over night not only the mind but also the skin recuperates. And for the extra care she deserves, she gets a special pampering with a nourishing and purifying body oil before going to bed. With the best of olive and honey I have found with the anti-aging body oil from Korres exactly what I’ve always been looking for: a rich, natural care, which is easy to apply, yet readily absorbed into the skin and leaves behind a velvety feeling. Plus: With the Mediterranean fragrance in the nose, I dream in turning around on holiday …. Body oil (spray) “Olive & Honey” from Korres, 100 ml, about 29.90 Euro

Sexy Skin

Quickly absorbed and smells wonderful after holiday

Step # 4: Sexy skin – Mask

Actually, I find masks great. And when I take the time for a small wellness program at home, they are a fixed part of my beauty program. But I often miss the time. Recently I was at the TOBS Spa in Munich and I was advised to treat my skin sometimes with a mask. Now the little beauty time has been formally prescribed to me, so to speak. I have chosen (for given circumstances) an anti-aging mask from Starskin. They are being hyped as a beauty secret from Korea. The one-time product contains highly effective ingredients from clay, green tea and silver ear fungus (which I have not yet known). The whole project has lasted for 25 minutes with facial cleansing, putting on the sheets, but it was worth it – my skin actually looked more relaxed. Anti-aging mask by Starskin, about 9,19 Euro

Sexy Skin

Long lasting but worth it – the Mud mask

Step # 5: Sexy skin – Facial Serum

I have become aware of Pure Skin Food at the natural cosmetics trade fair Vivaness in Nuremberg. I was immediately inspired by the philosophy of the Austrian beauty label and its smoother layering concept. I am not yet layering, but the facial nerve with magnolia extract I have already decayed. This is thanks to its natural power mix for – * uhm * – mature skin. What else is there in the pretty pipette vial except magnolia? Argan, sunflower, amaranth, wheat germ, chia seed, passion fruit, pomegranate and sanddorn fruit oil. Good to know: All products contain 100% organically grown ingredients and are free from fillers and pollutants. Plus: They are vegan from content to packaging. This is made, for example, of rapidly degradable eco-film. Good or? Facial Serum “Beauty Booster Magnolia” from Pure Skin Food, 30 ml, about 74.90 Euro

Sexy Skin

Full power from nature – the ingredients sound like a delicious breakfast bowl

Step # 6: Sexy skin – Hand Care

The hands are particularly stressed in everyday life and are particularly stressed in winter temperatures. That is why I like to spoil them with a particularly effective care. The moisturizing hand cream “hand relief” from Aveda is therefore for me not only at the sink. It is also an integral part of my handbag content in the XS version, so I can use it anytime and anywhere. And: For the best care experience, I cream my hands before going to sleep again. Then they wake up just as relaxed as I do. Hand cream “hand relief” by Aveda, 125 ml, about 27 Euro. (Travel-Size, about 10 Euro)

Sexy Skin

Stressed hands need extra care

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