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Actually, I should wear more skirts again!


I recently got the bright blue midi skirt from my mother. Funny, because I can remember very well the time when she wore it. With an ivory, graphically patterned silk blouse. There are even pictures in the family album – Mama with the blue skirt and in the arm – ME! I have not seen it for a long time, but now it’s back. I am very happy about the reunion and will give it a stage with this post. Curtain up for … the retro skirt in blue!

My-GREENstyle look: Retro skirt in Blue

Mama’s skirt: I love the fresh color and the clean A-line cut – apart from the fact that midi skirts are once again en vogue, it is already an absolute favorite because of the cuddly wool. As my “new” retro skirt shows, everything is repeated again and again in fashion. So: Always keep your favorite pieces well, even if you feel like they are gone. At the latest when your own children are big enough, the old favorite pieces are used again.


In the great blue, I unfortunately found no sustainable, buyable counterpart, but this black model of Filippa K is so beautiful, that I would secure it immediately, if I wouldnt have already Mama’s famose retro skirt in the closet.
A-line skirt “Bias Cut” by Filippa K, 175 Euro. Available here

Retro skirt

Sustainable counterpart of Filippa K

And again write down, so I do not forget: WEAR SKIRTS

Shirt: Slim fit, just the shape of pretty, just indicated sleeves (not too long, not too short – perfect!). And a fantastic neckline – round, not too big and not too close to the neck. I’m special? I do not think so. I like the other shirts not so much. Here, by the way, you will find my favorite shirts that have accompanied me through the summer. This shirt is made from organic cotton.
Shirt by Hessnatur at 24,95 Euro. Available here

Retro skirt

Favorite basic of organic cotton from Hessnatur

Jacket: I’ve been wearing this woolen cardigan for many years. I like the short, chunky cut, the art leather edging and the zipper. Somehow my cardigan has such a light rocky touch. Fits perfectly from slim to flared pants and gives the straight skirt the necessary twist, so you do not look too good.

Retro skirt

For years now a favorite piece in my wardrobe

I’ve been looking for a long time until I’ve found something similar about what is currently available. With Lanius I then found a great, GOTS-certified alternative.
Jersey jacket GOTS by Lanius, 169.90 Euro. Available here

Retro skirt

Jersey jacket made of organic cotton by Lanius


Fishnet-Tights: And now we come to my current sustainability highlight: the knitted tights from the Kunert Blue collection. The traditional stocking manufacturer now really take-off and launches with Kunert Blue a real world novelty. This beautiful tights are made from recycled fishing nets that float around the ocean, because they are torn off somewhere and now are killing many fish.

Trend consciousness and sense of responsibility – Kunert Blue

Kunert collects as many as possible, saving many fish lifes, protecting the environment and producing a stylish Eco-Darling for us.
Fishnet tights by Kunert Blue (available from January 2017), 18 Euro. Pre-order and carry before Christmas? Then go to Green Window

Retro skirt

The tights from the sea of Kunert Blue

Bag: Yes, what can I say – most of my readersknow it already. My sustainably produced Evergreen from the Hamburg-based eco-label Nine to Five with the salmon leather details. Provides space for everything that women need – including laptop.
Boho Clutch #angel by Nine to Five, 129 euros. Available here

Retro skirt

Eco-Darling by Nine to Five: the Boho Clutch #angel of salmon leather

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