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Discovered in my bathroom: 5(0) Shades of Pink


50 Shades of Pink – my newest tick

In the meantime, I find myself again and again, as I can not turn my eyes from pale pink shirts, I can not stand the raspberry-cream-ice-colored model with an XL selection of vases. Instead of the white tulips, the pink spring blossoms have landed in my pink home… Whether it is because of my longing for spring, after an extra-portion color? Anyway. Obviously I have developed a softness for the girl color No.1. There aren´t 50 shades, but the following five beauty products, which are mentioned not only pink but incredibly great, I discovered in my bath or in my handbag.

50 Shades of Pink, Part 1: 3, 2, 1, Kiss! Lipgloss to fall in love

That I am a huge UND GRETEL fan is already known. The eyelash tint and the powder duo “Sunne” are fixed parts of my makeup routine. Of course, I have a lip gloss of the Berlin-based organic make-up label in my handbag. My favorite model from the series with the charming name “Knutzen”? Matte Raspberry. Nourishes my lips exclusively with natural ingredients and conjures me a spring smile in the face. The lip gloss is here

50 Shades of Pink

Musthave in the handbag

50 Shades of Pink, Part 2: #unicorn love reloaded

The funny Filly unicorns, with which my daughters wanted to play for hours in the kindergarden, I never really liked. But the magical attraction of the colorful fabulous creatures I could somehow understand. The two have meanwhile grown out of the unicorn age, and the Fillys have long been getting new owners. But when I recently put the (vegan) cherry-scented skin cream “wild cherry magic” from TreacleMoon in the bathroom, the old enthusiasm was immediately there again. And even has stuck me … TreacleMoon is sold many drugstores.

50 Shades of Pink

Makes children happy – and adults

50 Shades of Pink, Part 3: Faire Live-cell therapy

When I came across the Berlin-based natural cosmetics label i + m by chance one and a half years ago, I was primarily inspired by the quality of the products. The hand cream was a treat for my hands, which I have to cream after every hand washing and the shampoo has literally helped my hair to a new brilliancy. When I dealed with the “fair organic vegan” label, I was incredibly fascinated by the story of the founder Inge Stamm and the consequence with which i + m has remained loyal for almost 40 years. Currently in my bathroom: The “Serum Hydro Effective”, which provides extra dry moisture with Hyaluron and Aloe Vera dry skin. New on my shopping list: the i + m beard oil for my better half. The super serum is here

50 Shades of Pink

Provides the skin with a moisture plus

50 Shades of Pink, Part 4: Kiss me! Now! Again!

Since some time ago I had my first Starskin mask in my hand, or on the face, I am crazy about these masks, which are the total hit in Korea. This time, the lips be for it. The delicate things from organic cellulose are impregnated with naturally fermented coconut juice and promise an upholstery and moisture effect. The fact that I had to hold my valve for a quarter of an hour during the application was a bit strange, but my lips were then pretty tender. Also says my husband 🙂 The mask is here

50 Shades of Pink

Pump up my Lips

50 Shades of Pink, Part 5: Not just for the senses

Hand cream is one of the few beauty products that accompany me permanently. No idea if this is a tick, but I have to cream my hands immediately after every hand washing. Otherwise, I can not touch any paper. Okay, sounds definitv after a tick. But what should I do? Just. Apply! I would say that I have after over 30 years a certain hand cream expertise. I’ve tried almost everything. Conclusion: There are plenty of creams that do not help. Among the honorable exceptions is, among others, the almond cream from the Sensitive series of Weleda. It immediately absorbes and I do not have to cream again after half an hour. The hand cream is here

50 Shades of Pink

Delicate care for sensitive skin

Extra tip: “Pretty honest” by Sali Hughes

I am not a huge fan of beauty Bibles & Co. but the handbook by Sali Hughes – a make-up artist, journalist and beauty columnist at the Guardian – is no further work for approaching and advanced self-optimizers. She goes smartly to the subject, gives in the deciphering of her own skin type, has practical tips on the topic of salon etiquette in stock (keyword: you want to read, but the hair style would like to chatter), reveals insider knowledge to applying Foundation … Conclusion: The first beauty book, in which it´s worth to take a look.

Bible for beauty addicts

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