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The Anti-Aging-Care of Stars: the EGF Serum from Bioeffekt


Luxury on the skin: anti-aging serum from bioeffect


Effective and pure

The EGF Serum (Epidermal Growth Factor) of the Icelandic Beauty label has generated with its high efficiency and the special purity in a few years a worldwide fan base XL. But what makes this anti-aging serum so special? The cult product derived from plants includes the Nobel Prize-winning EGF cellular activator, a substance that occurs naturally in human skin and has the ability to increase the rate of cell turnover of the skin. The result: a beautiful and healthy complexion – Anti-aging skin care offer.

Happy Birthday, EGF Serum!

On the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the anti-aging serum, a germanwide limited edition of 250 pieces was launched. The dream beautiful tumbled flacon comes from the French glassworks Pochet du Courval, the design of Marianne Brandi, designer of the cool Danish lifestyle brand Day Birger et Mikkelsen. The content? The Icelandic anti-aging serum with proven success formula. The price? No bargain, but considering the related research, the effect of this unique active ingredient and the sustained commitment of the company, justified in our opinion. Because of our skin, we are eager to inflict only the best nutrients to good aging or staying young.

The Eco-aspect:

Thus, although this is not about natural cosmetics in the classic sense, but highly effective plant-based biotechnology. The company is aware of its environmental and social responsibility and therefore uses clever innovations. The ultra modern bio-greenhouses (here the barley is grown) are set on sustainable geothermal energy. So the bioeffect series is not only in the service of beauty, to obtain a youthful complexion, but can, thanks to a production with CO2 emissions minus, referre to an eco-friendly and also conducive product.

EGF Serum Limited Edition of bioeffect, 50 ml, 450 €. Buy here

Or for the entry test: EGF Serum of bioeffect, 15 ml, by 139 €. Buy here

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