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Welcome to the Berlin Fashion Week Diary

The suitcases are packed and everything is ready. My flight is today at 11.30 clock. I sincerely hope that there is no delay due to Snowchaos & Co. because I have to go directly from the airport to the Kronprinzenpalais to the ZEITmagazin x VOGUE conference. I do not want to miss Livia Firth! #crossonesfingers

What you can look forward to in the next few days, you can see here

→ Wednesday, January 18 – Fashion Week AW 17/18

Berliner Mode Salon – Group Exhibition

When the Berliner Mode Salon invites you to the Kronprinzenpalais, the Creme de la Creme of the fashion industry meets. German fashion design is celebrated here. And rightly so. Why can´t we Germans ever say that we are good, that we have great talents, that fashion is made here is really, really great? We have fashion that does not have to hide. We have fashion that belongs to the international spotlight. And this takes place twice a year during the Berlin Fashion Week in the Kronprinzenpalais. Here the collections of William Fan (picture), Lala Berlin, Nobi Talaibund and all the other wonderful German designersare celebrated. And as they deserve it. Thumbs up for German fashion!

Fashion Week Diary

Best of Germany: German fashion art

Rebekka Ruetz – Backstage

The fashion show of Rebekka Ruetz is about to start. I spent the last hour backstage and watched the hair and makeup artists. Surprisingly, everything is possible in the smallest space and under enormous time pressure. Congrats, Rebekka! This is a cool look again! I am curious how the collection, which I already admired on the clothes rod, looks in live

Fashion Week Diary

Makeup by Rebekka Ruetz

Philomena Zanetti – Runwayshow

The first show of the day is one of my Fashion Week highlights – Julia Leifert shows the autumn winter collection of her label Philomena Zanetti. Instead of the pale sorbet colors from the summer, she will show rich autumn colors from rust brown to green. My favorite combo? The pleated corsage look in night blue!

Unfortunately, no top picture, but the look is all the more fantastic

→ Tuesday, January 17 – Fashion Week AW 17/18

Department Store Jandorf – The Shop

Short trip to Mitte: Here I wanted to look at the new end-consumer-action at the Fashion Week. The Shop is a new idea to connect the German designers better with their buyers. From now on, selected pieces can be bought in the show location of Department Store Jandorf. With it: Hien Le, Perret Schaad, Steinrohner etc.

Fashion Week Diary

The new location in Mitte: Department Store Jandorf

Elsien Gringhuis – Interview

Firstly, I now finally know how to pronounce her name correctly and secondly, that she is not only an insane great designer, but also incredibly sympathetic. Her clean and clever looks are great. Sustainable fashion needed a few more “Elsiens”. Thank you again for the interview – we take the photo after we both slept better ..

Fashion Week Diary

The stand of Elsien Gringhuis in Berlin

PrePeek x Greenshowroom – Event

Great idea: Pola and Thekla, the two Kleiderei girls from Hamburg, have just launched the PrePeek at the Greenshowroom and the Ethical Fashion Show. A top opportunity to bring manufacturer together with bloggers and influentials. Sustainable labels can pass part sof the collection and bloggers have the possibility to organize a small shooting with it. Works great! And the interest from both sides is huge! Thanks for the great action!

Fashion Weak Diary

Bloggers can organize shootings with sustainable clothes

Maria Seifert – Interview

We’ve emailed X times, sent things back and forth and so on. Today I finally got to know the designer from Leipzig personally. Maria has a fantastic collection for autumn / winter in the luggage. My favorite piece? The yellow A-line skirt of woolen felt. It’s due next fall!

Fashion Week Diary

And it goes on…

Johanna Riplinger – Interview

Perfection in Unperfection – Johanna Riplinger leaves the natural space in her super-feminine dream collections. Nature is everywhere with her – her airy and fragrant dresses are dyed with plant colors. My favorite? The temple blooms, which – if they have served – are collected before Indian temples and processed to fantastic colors. Fairly sustainable, right?

Fashion Week Diary

Luxury dreams with plant color

The Fashion Week has officially started and I am waiting for my first interview with Johanna Riplinger. I got to know the smart German-American last year and fell in love with her dreamlike collection. Her passion? Plant colors ….

Fashion Week Diary

The interview with Johanna Riplinger starts immediately

→ Monday, January 16 – Fashion Week AW 17/18

ZEITmagazin x VOGUE – Conference

The best in the morning is a lovely, great coffee. Even better – to post a photo of Livia Firth. I am still incredibly impressed by this personality. The inventor of the Greencarpetchallenge is just two years older than me and has moved so incredibly much. Her consulting company Eco Age is now ten years and no less than Tom Ford, Valentino, Chopard and Co. let them inspire about her enthusiasm. I have brought lots of quotes from Livia Firth from the ZEITmagazin x VOGUE conference. As an appetizer, there’s already one here: “Sustainability must be sexy!”

Fashion Week Diary

Livia Firth very close!!!

Christian Felske of SEAT and the Berlin fashion designer William Fan talked on “Evolution of Design”. I was impressed by the extremely sustainable attitude of the young designer (right). With statements like “I would like to build a constant wardrobe” and “You can not always get involved with the industry, I wonder if I can not take a bit out there …” he hit the nail on the head. I would like to hear a lot more about this … On the screen, his live design for the Car designer can be seen.


Christian Felske of SEAT and the Berlin fashion designer William Fan

Unfortunately not personally on site, but via Skype was connected Pierpaolo Ferrari from the Toiletpapermagazine. And maybe that was better. This is how we got a little insight into his surreal studio in Milan and got to know the studio cat ‘M’. Great: his Frog Burger Sweater. A must see – his website is the creative insanity! And on Instagram @mygreenstylecom there’s the latest video!


Pierpaolo Ferrari at the ZEITmagazin x VOGUE conference

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