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Relaxed-elegant - my favorite look in the mountain hotel


From an interior perspective, I associate chalet-chic with a lot of wood, alpine elements such as stones, trunks, moss and historical pictures. Lots of loden, heavy fabrics and a natural coloring. Cosiness without being frumpy – this requires a clever hand (can quickly look a bit cheesy) and great attention to detail. All this I have found in the beautiful 5-star Naturhotel Forsthofgut. In much larger dimensions, but by no means less detail-loving. Stylistically, I like to adapt to the framework conditions. Of course, in my own way. And that came out.


It’s a bit cooler now, but knee socks and net tights help with the winter

my-GREENstyle-Look: Chalet-Chic

Dirndl & Co. wandered into the closet right after the Oktoberfest and have nothing to do with chalet-chic. The wonderful relaxed-elegant atmosphere of this house inspired me to pack my loden skirt. In everyday life, it can be combined with cuddly cashmere, coarse knitwear and other natural materials. Or just with a classic knit janker and statement shirt.

T-Shirt ||| Apart from the fact that Frida is a real statement even without letters, I have this favorite shirt almost always in my luggage. A) because it’s an enrichment to any look, B) because it’s cut is perfect and C) because the print is a real piece of art. Nina from the Munich-based newcomer label The Colorful Crew is in my eyes a highly talented creative mind who knows how to combine fashion and art. Frida is not just a print, but the result of artful paper art. All T-shirt prints (brand new in the range: winter warm favorite sweaters) are created by elaborate, hand-cut collages. Curious? I understand! So nothing like over on Nina’s side and choose your own favorite shirt. Price, 49 euros. thecolorfulcrew.de


Art meets Fashion – The Colorful Crew shirts are real works of art

Knit Janker ||| It took me a long time to find a knit janker that I can wear everyday. This one is from Geiger and met me in a second hand shop in Munich. I’ve searched the net for all Janker and Chalet Chic fans among you and can alternatively throw a model of Made in Heaven into the race. 70% wool, 30% cashmere and just reduced from 270 euros to 190 euros. If I had not already one – this is at least as good and available here

My variant of the chalet chic? Loden Skirt, Silver Loafer and Statement Shirt

Rock ||| I have had it for a long time, wore it too rarely, although I still find the cut, the material and the color great. Why it is only occasionally used? Because I ride almost all routes on a bicycle and that’s not possible. The replacement model that I found for you is not moss green, but cobalt blue, but unlike my COS rock maximum sustainable because of Lanius. The Walkrock made of organic new wool is simply the H.A.M.M.E.R. At 160 euros, at lanius.com

Shoes ||| Yeah, yeah, yeah – one of the reasons why I say goodbye more easily than usual from the beloved summer, are the silver loafers with salmon leather, which I can finally wear again. I bought them in april, wore them for the first time to the Easter Brunch with the family and received compliments every time. Well, apart from the sustainable way of production, I decided to buy the right shoes! Loafers #lapa, around 200 euros, at ninetofive.biz


Comfortable and always a statement – for sustainability and style

Bag ||| No, it’s not sustainable, but I still love it, and anyone who knows me, knows that I’m rarely out and about without my robot-bag. Again and again I am addressed. That’s just THE good mood piece. I bought it for my daughters at Fossil years ago. And how it goes – I carry it now. Unfortunately, there is no longer this model, something similar in “green” I have not found (if someone has a tip – very happy!) And can only refer to a newer model of the same brand. The Margot Mini Robot in wine red, around 120 euros, is here

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