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Borrowing instead of buying reduces the ecological footprint


With high-quality and clean looks Filippa K sets since years a sign against the massive, trend-oriented overconsumption in the fashion industry. And it is constantly working on the expansion of its own sustainability program: optimal use of resources, environmentally friendly production, second hand stores for their own collections, care advice when buying their looks. And since 2015 Filippa K with Filippa K Lease has also the possibility to borrow favorite pieces.

Filippa K Lease

Hannah Drapey Shirt Jacket by (c) Filippa K

At Filippa K sustainability is the guide for growth

Filippa K Lease is an excellent way to keep your wardrobe slim and still up-to-date without leaving a too big ecological footprint. Especially for special events it is great to borrow a favorite piece and give it a new home afterwards. After the successful introduction of the Lease system in some European countries, the Swedish label Filippa K is finally launching its leasing concept in Germany. The Filippa K Store in the Alte Schönhauser Str. 11 in Berlin was selected. We soon hope to be able to participate in this fashion-circle in the south of Germany …

Lending instead of buying leaves behind a minimal ecological footprint

Filippa K Lease

Hannah Drapey Shirt Jacket von (c) Filippa K

And this is how Filippa K Lease works

Each part can be lent for four days. Cost: 20 percent of normal selling price. The cleaning costs are included in the rental fee. If the cleaned cloth is returned to the store, it is tagged with a “Lease” tag and is hanged back into the store in a special marked lease area. There, all returned Lease items will be shown – even from previous seasons.

I have decided to establish a brand based on substance and truth, not on short-lived trends in the fashion industry – Filippa Knutsson, founder Filippa K

Filippa K Lease

Silk shirt of (c) Filippa K

This allows every Lease store to offer a wide range of looks. If the part falls out of the lease concept, it is sold second hand. Great idea, right? In any case, I will look at the next visit to Berlin in for more details.

Filippa K Lease has so far been operating in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Holland, Norway, Sweden and since 15 September 2016 also in Berlin. Learn more about Filippa K Lease – click here

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