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Never without! Sun protection has become an every day theme. Right!


Suncream is for me to outdoor events just like the bikini for bathing. The negative effects of the aggressive sun rays on skin and organism are well known. But of course I will not use any products with chemical filters and creepy ingredients like Parabene, Silikone, Mineraloil & Co. Not for me and certainly not for my girls. Long research, a lot of reading and diligent creaming later I can now present you my trusted packlist for non-toxic suncream. And this is now regularly updated by new discoveries!

My top list for non-toxic suncream

Clearly, every skin is different. I tan maximally fast and do not really tend to sunburn. The rays are nevertheless harmful. I just had to remove a birthmark. Very pretty: in the middle of the neckline. I definitely do not need this again! And that is why I use mainly at the beginning of the season and in the first days on holiday SPF 50. For the face is 50 with me an absolute must, if I would not like look like a panda bear or a stain pig. Thanks at this point to my hormones, which always conjure up the wonderful spots in the face!

Non-toxic suncream # 1: Sun Soul Extra Cream SPF 50+

The sunline of the Italian beauty label Comfort Zone I have known for a long time and am a real fan of the Sun Soul Cream SPF 30. But this is not enough for me despite of very high UVA and UVB filters. I switched to SPF 50 and the latest, also water-resistant product from the line, also has an integrated anti-stain formula. Sure, I’ve tried this cream. I got stains anyway, but this time definitely not as dark as usual. Good to know: 90% consists of ingredients of natural origin. Plus: ECOCERT-certified argan oil from fairtrade cultivation. 60 ml, about 32.40 Euro. At feelunique.com

Giftfreie Sonnencreme

Non-toxic suncream # 2: Annemarie Börlind Anti-aging sun cream 50

The German natural cosmetics company has been on my list for so long. And because you always have to try something new, I had this year the anti-aging sun cream with SPF 50 in the bag. The water-resistant lotion works with a combination of skin-compatible sun filters and the extract of the Kombu-Alga. Plus: Vitamin E makes sure that I do not look older so fast. 75 ml, about 23 euros. At boerlind.com

Giftfreie Sonnencreme

Non-toxic suncream # 3: Prep Step Mineral Shield bare Minerals, SPF 50

Suncream in the office? Of course, we do not need it. But on the way to work (I drive nearly all ways with the bike), in the lunch break etc. In short: sun protection has definitely become an every-day topic. I think that is exactly the perfect product. Sun protection and primer in one – it’s hardly any better! Plus: Mineral filters and antioxidants protect the skin. With mineralfilter I am always careful. But do not worry: the formula is so great that it is invisible even on my relatively dark skin tone. Good to know: Shake vigorously before each use! 40 ml, about 31.20 euros. At feelunique.com

Giftfreie Sonnencreme

Non-toxic suncream # 4: So fresh sun protection balm medium 20 from Ringana

20? Yes, read correctly. I bought it wrong. And because I try not to throw away anything, which still functions fine, I also used the 20. Okay, not on the beach, but for the city I dare. Besides, I was also concerned with how the cream can be applied, how does it get in? Test passed! Next year I reach the right donor, because if the 20 convinces me, the 50 is at least as good. Oh, milk thistle and Karanjaoil support the mineral filter. Good to know: Ringana consistently refrains from preservatives. Everything in the dispenser is fresh. And so the products of the Austrian natural cosmetics expert have a date of expiration! 100 ml, about 33.03 euros. At ringana.com

Giftfreie Sonnencreme

Non-toxic suncream # 5: La Biosthetique – Soleil Stick Solaire SPF 30

Whoever has ever burnt his lips – if only slightly – knows what I’m talking about. Especially on the beach, on the sea and in the mountains, the delicate lip skin needs a lot of protection. I have had the practical stick with SPF 30 for me and my girls this summer. And even my husband, I could always bring him to use again. And what’s inside the filters? Beeswax, shea butter and natural oils made from meadowsweet leaves. About 17.30 Euros. At labiostetique.com

Giftfreie Sonnencreme

Only good things I’ve heard of the Susanne Kaufmann suncream, however, has so far no experience with it. Can you say something about it?

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