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One year my-GREENstyle: Time for a retrospective


Just over a year ago, I launched my-GREENstyle.com. No, this was not a spontaneous idea, but one of the best ideas at all. And it has existed for a long time. However, the idea had to mature and the project wanted not to take some concrete forms, in addition to a time-consuming publishing job and the no less time-consuming motherhood (and what else you do so the dear long day). And at all: when is the right time for the start of a blog? And what should I say? It´s always NOW!

And that is why I can say today: Happy Birthday, Baby!

From the idea to the “real” site – my-GREENstyle

When my Chinese friend Yinin told me that 2016 is the year of the monkey, the year of change, the upheaval, the new beginning, I suddenly realized that I have to do something else. And if not now, when? So I made a decision. My-GREENstyle.com has finally adopted concrete forms and on January 17, 2016 gone on air on time to the Fashion Week and the Greenshowroom in Berlin. I canceled my job as an editor to give more space to my mission. I am still busy with the same themes: fashion, beauty, travel – but now with an exciting story behind it, which can tell far more than just “beautiful” or “not beautiful”.

Already my father always said “Do not talk but make.”

I do not regret my decision for a second, even though I have more to do than before (apart from my blogging activities I work as free copywriter). But I have found a theme that inspires me beyond all measure. About which I would like to write 24 hours a day. I’ve discovered fantastic slow-fashion labels and still do that every day – a good sign because obviously “conscious subjects” take up more and more space. I could get to know great projects and products, look behind the scenes. I have conducted exciting interviews with designers and other enviably engaged eco-people.

Thank you for the enriching conversations and contacts

I’ve met great Green bloggers. And at the launch party of the sustainable online platform Green Window, I met my youth idol Nena (and, of course, asked for a common photo – this shot was unfortunately with so much backlight that hardly anything can be seen, but you always meet each other two times in life).

And I am proud of this: I was able to support the great work of the child welfare organisation Plan and decorate the cover of the magazine, which was quite exciting. PS. You absolutely have to look (it’s also online). The things are all sustainable and supports women’s cooperatives etc. And the AMD Munich asked me for an interview on the subject of “sustainability”. Facebook is developing a bit tough, but I’m almost touched, nearly 2000 have decided to click the “Follow” button of the myGREENstylecom Instagram page. For some time, there is also a newsletter – so no one can say he missed my green news :). Sorry at this point to all subscribers – I have it in recent weeks just not managed to send a new issue. But I am vowing for improvement and will do it as quickly as possible

The list of fantastic events that happen to me through my-GREENstyle can be endless. And that will also happen in 2017, because after a tight year is still a lot of air up. And I still have so much to do. So many ideas have to wait to be finally implemented. In this sense: Happy Birthday, Happy New Year – let´s have an exciting 2017!

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