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My essentials for naturally beautiful hair


Admitted – when it comes to naturally beautiful hair, I also like to look to other people’s hairs. Why do my girlfriend’s hair always shine as if she just came from a hairdresser. And the curls of the colleague – gorgeous! After several (often failed) hairstyle attempts, I have made peace with my hair because they are just as they are. Not smooth, not curly. A slight movement that causes a step cut to look like I have an exploded mop on … What I’ve learned: Every hair structure needs your products and the right styling tools. What helps me? See below.

And I also have a few washing tips for naturally beautiful hair for you

Brush your hair before shampooing, as this will gently remove residues from various styling products. Good to know: Wet hair is very sensitive, so it is so important that they are unraveled even when dry. Bad: hot water! Lukewarm water cleans just as well and ensures that the hair does not dry out. And important for shampoo: less is enough. Massage a small amount on the scalp and then spread in the lengths. This saves money and is better for the environment.

My hair belongs to me and that’s why I eventually made peace with them

Naturally beautiful hair # 1: shampoo

The first time I came in contact with the Taiwanese brand O’Right and its charismatic founder Steven Ko is almost exactly a year ago. He was in Munich at that time to introduce his shampoo in Germany. And that’s not some shampoo. O’Right is (by his own admission) the greenest shampoo in the world. In addition to the natural ingredients from green tea to dandelion, the production process also places great emphasis on sustainability. Only solar and wind energy is used for production. The caps are made by hand from Taiwanese bamboo. And in the case of Tree in a bottle seeds are inside. After use, the cap can easily be buried and after a few weeks, it becomes clear why A) the shampoo bears this name and B) why O’right claims to be the greenest shampoo in the world. For every hair type, of course – I use the wonderfully scented Color Care Shampoo “Golden Rose” Tree in a bottle by O’Right, 250 ml, for 22 euros. At oright.at

natürlich schöne Haare

Incidentally, the world’s greenest shampoo comes from Taiwan

Of course beautiful hair # 2: styling tool

Even if it sounds a bit superficial, when I speak of drastic moments in a hair issue – it was with me anyway. For years, I wondered why the hair of others looks so much better than mine. The magic word is called straightener. I have a slight movement – that is: not smooth and not curly. You have to get that under control first. And that works just by smoothing. I have used this happily for years now. Until I realized that there is an increase for this styling tool as well. With the e-styler pro, I now have a 2-in-1 brush in my hand, which can be operated supereasy and not only smoothes, but also (with a click) ensures waves. Thanks to the heated ceramic plates, which are arranged brush-like, it means for me now only comb and ready. And if you do not want to go without this must-have on the go: The e-styler is also available in miniature format! 2-in-1 smoothing brush e-styler pro from ikoo, around 170 euros. At ikoo-brush.com

natürlich schöne Haare

Even better than my straightener – the 2-in-1 brush

Naturally beautiful hair # 3: hair protection

And so that the hair does not get heat stroke while smoothing and the styling stays as long as you would like it, I give a splash of the (by the way mentioned Peta approved vegan) styling sprays on my dry hair. Protects, cares and provides powerful shine. Style Assistant spray from ikoo, around 25 euros. At ikoo-brush.com

natürlich schöne Haare

Protection, Styling AND Gloss – the vegan product is a true all-rounder

Naturally beautiful hair # 4: brush

Okay, everyone is very particular in the choice of a brush. When it comes to me, the wonderfully large paddle brush simply is not to beat. I love the shape, I love how the brush is in my hand while blow-drying and styling and I love the wood – that looks so much nicer in the bathroom than the usual plastic models. Incidentally, the bristles of this model are shaped to stimulate the scalp while brushing. And the hair professionals among us know that a healthy scalp is the prerequisite for healthy shiny hair. Brush in style! Wooden Paddle Brush by Aveda, around 30 euros. At aveda.de

natürlich schöne Haare

Nothing is better than the Paddle Brush – preferably made of wood!

Naturally beautiful hair # 5: hair soap

I have not changed completely to hair soap. I just love the fresh shampoo fragrance and I still get irritated when a product does not foam so much. But I try to make my household more waste-free in as many places as possible. And there are organic hair soaps just perfect. Simply lather the wet hair with the soap, massage in and then rinse thoroughly with clean water. My tip: So that the soap lasts for a long time, store it in a dry place. I use the soap bag made of sisal – which I also like to use for an invigorating exfoliation. Hair soap natural from Savion, around 6 euros. At savion.de

natürlich schöne Haare

Zero-waste alternative for shampoo – the hair soap

And now I really would like to know, what you use for your hair routine!

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