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... because garbage avoiding can be super chic...


Zero Waste. Again and again, I read about people who have their garbage reduced to a minimum – of course, not to zero (which is why “Less Waste” is actually the better term) – the entire residual waste of a year can be stored in a cucumber glass are Zero Waste activists such as Bea Johnson (“Zero Waste Home”), Amy Kast, and Lauren Singer, and that is not the point. It´s about conciousness and I would like to introduce stylish alternatives regularly.

The plastic plague: Zero Waste – Less Waste – plastic free

Plastic, plastic, plastic. Plastic is easy anywhere. Is also so splendidly practical. Does not cost anything, is light and can simply be sunk after use in the trash can never to seen again. And with the never to seen again, unfortunately, is not so. Plastic has developed into a modern plague for humans, animals and the environment. How nice that the topic will finally get serious. In the meantime, no one which has a spark of intelligence is really interested in the plastic bags. Quite apart from the fact that legislation (finally!) has also been adopted. But you can still do so much more..

Zero Waste for beginners with style

Since I went with Charlotte from plastikfreileben.com for three days on the INNATEX, I suddenly see plastic on every corner. Needless plastic, you can easily replace it. And plastic, which I have not really paid attention before. This awareness has enriched me quite a bit, I must say. Thank you, Charlotte. On your blog, you will find interesting topics of life without plastic. Just like Marisa from myfairladies.net. Take a look at the two! Here, in any case, my alternatives are made of stainless steel, bamboo, sisal & Co. because they have much more style than plastic. Because: #plasticissoyesterday

Zero Waste # 1: Bamboo toothbrush

Bamboo brushes are 100% biodegradable (except the plastic bristles), look much more stylish in the bathroom than the unsexy plastic models. And if you want to add a little upcycling project: label the discarded bamboo brush with herbs seeds and stick it as a signpost into your native bed. Questions? Bamboo toothbrush, about 3,90 Euro and Travel-case, about 8,90 Euro. Both of Hydrophil. At hydrophil.com

Zero Waste

More beautiful than the ugly plastic brushes

Zero Waste # 2: Food Container

Quite apart from the fact that self-cooked dishes are generally more delicious, than cooked canteen menus in schools and offices, the remnants of the lunch will find a meaningful use at the next lunch. Not infrequently I was envied by my colleagues in the publishing house for my delicious food. Not to mention my girls, who have long since tasted their favorite food, when the classmates are still in the food queue with growling stomach. Food Container incl. folding spoon of Thermos, 470 ml, about 34,95 Euro. At thermoskanne-shop.de

Zero Waste

Delicious food – so the favorite food is always twith you

Zero Waste # 3: Glass straws

My opinion about straws? Superfluous. But if so, then at least no plastic straw. Unfortunately, the larger quantities (under the TOP 10 of the plastic waste found in the sea) in our oceans and on the most beautiful beaches in the world threaten the animal world and find their way into our organism as a microplasty over the food chain.

If straw then please no plastic

My daughters love to drink their smoothies, Shakes & Co. with straw. May they also. So far we had the stainless steel models, but they were replaced by glass straws. In contrast to paper, bamboo & Co. they do not have an own taste. And the drinking makes them even more fun now because the green smoothie can be observed on its way from the glass to the mouth. As for me: I am thrilled because the glass models can be cleaned much better than the opaque stainless steel straws. My tip: The break-proof and heat-resistant “Made in Germany” straws made of Schott glass from HALM. Good to know: The straws are produced with 70 percent solar energy. 50 percent of the revenues are reinvested in projects for the prevention of plastics. Four glass halves from HALM, about 5,90 Euro. At halm.co

Zero Waste

Delicious, unbreakable, heat-resistant and 100 percent sustainable – Glass straws from HALM

Zero Waste # 4: Wet shavers

The disposable razor? An indiscutable no-go. No idea for who it is actually produced. Even if I noticed on trips that I forgot my razor at home – why do the things always have to be offered in packs of 10, if only one is needed? But also for the multiple usable wet shavers, there is a wonderfully stylish replacement. Yes, razors can look super elegant. The Munich-based manufacturer Shave-Lab offers even plastic-free steel shavers, which can be individually configured. Which (handmade!) handle, which color and especially which blade. Everything is compatible – the blades can be ordered in the subscription. Delivered in 100 percent recyclable packaging. Without plastic. My favorite design? Razor “Twee” incl. 3 blades, about 36,95 Euro. At shave-lab.com

Zero Waste

Shave Lab turns one of the ugliest bathroom accessories into a design object

Zero Waste # 5: Hair Soap

Really read. Hair soap. I was also skeptical at first, but I found quite quickly the pleasure of the completely plastic-free, zero waste alternative to the usual shampoos in the usual plastic bottles and tubes. As a soaring soap fan, the slightly foaming pieces make me quite happy. In my family, however, they have not yet reached 100%. And that’s why the glamor shampoo from i + m, and all the wonderfully fragrant shampoos of Aesop, Oliveda & Co. are still in our bath. The soaps in the photo are by the way from Savion. In the meantime, I have also discovered the wonderful hair soaps of Wiener Seife which, like this one, are also suitable for face, body and teeth. Okay, that is probably the taste. About 8.90 Euro. At wienerseife.at

Zero Waste

One for all: soap for hair, face, body AND teeth (!)

Zero Waste # 6: Make-Up Pad

Ever thought about how many make-up pads land daily in your city, our country, Europe, the world in garbage? The figures you really do not want to hear. So, quickly, quickly change to reusable pads of cotton. The tip for tired eyes: Moisten with ice cold water and lie on the eyes for a few minutes. Works miracles! Washable cleaning pads made from organic cotton by Imse Vimse, about 9.95 Euro. At imsevimse.com

Zero Waste

Wash out instead of throwing away – make-up pads from organic cotton

Zero Waste # 7: Soap bag

This actually took a while, until I realized what a fantastic invention 100% biodegradable soap bags actually is. Apart from the fact that the soap is prima foamed and can be used without any residue, the soap can be hung up after use and dried at rest, instead of gliding in a soapy dish until the next use. Plus: Sisal has wonderful invigorating peeling properties. Soap bag from Hydrophil, about 390 euros. At manufactum.de

Zero Waste

Multifunctional and super sustainable – the soap bag

Zero Waste # 8: Drinking bottle

Since water drinking has become a long runner in our temperate latitudes and no one leaves the house for more than ten minutes without sufficient water reserves, the number of disposable plastic bottles used every day and then (as always) exploded. Do not worry, of course you can continue drinking, but please do not use plastic bottles. Also not use recycled or reusable bottles. Environmentally friendly and, above all, more stylish, reusable bottles of e.g. Dopper. Model Steel, 800 ml, about 24.50 Euro. At dopper.com

Zero Waste

Bye bye, plastic bottle. Now it is filled again and again and again!

To be continued…

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