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With these three Organic Darlings I am well supplied


The Fashion Week lasts, unlike the name suggests, not a whole week. There are only a few days. However they are compressed and stressfull. After eight hours it is still far from closing time, you spend a lot of time in air-conditioned rooms (either in the Mercedes-Benz tent, or in this season because of the EM-Fan Mile on the Straße des 17. Juni again in the Show-Venue repurposed Erika Hess Ice Stadium), irregular meals, lack of sleep, too little liquid. In short: skin and hair are exposed to very hardships. More important is the proper, intensive care, which then leads back to normal already prepared for a skin and hair on the state of emergency and to another. On which Organic Beauty I swear – continue!

Organic Beauty favorites with emergency aid

These three Organic Beauty Products I always have with me when it comes to the crunch. Easy to use – big effect!

Cream Cleansing Oil “Stress-Fix“ by Aveda

Nasty air conditioning leaves the skin dry out slightly – this feels not good and does not look very pretty, especially on summer bare legs. The small, dry flakes can easily be removed with the creamy cleansing oil. And at the same time the skin is maintained due to the rich vegetable oils (consists to 99 percent of natural ingredients!). The organic miracle cure can incidentally be used if necessary daily. Cream Cleansing Oil “Stress-Fix” of Aveda, 200 ml, about € 27.50. Buy here

Organic Beauty

Ensures a fresh, well-groomed skin

Facial Care “Aloe Vera Hydro Repair Gel“ of Santa Verde

Pure Aloe Vera juice + Elderflower extract + evening primrose oil + mango seed butter is concentrated (NaTrue certified!) natural Cosmetics Power. In this combination, the damaged skin is adequately supplied with moisture and can regenerate the same time. Result: a fresh complexion. Despite the included oils the light gel absorbs quickly, leaving no traces and ensures in no time for a pleasant skin feel. Facial Care “Aloe Vera Hydrating Gel” Santa Verde, 30ml about € 25.90. Buy here

Organic Beauty

Moisture Kick for stressed skin

Cream Deo “FreshMeUp“ of Creamy Stuff

If one rushes from one location to another and one appointment to the next, you need a good deodorant. I personally regard strictly that it is free from aluminum salts and alcohol. A wonderfully natural effective, basic (handmade!) Deo I have now discovered at Creamy Stuff in Switzerland. The natural antibacterial effect, makes the whole day a pleasant aroma, and thanks to shea butter, coconut oil and avocado oil the delicate underarm skin is maintained simultaneously. Cream Deo “FreshMeUp” of Creamy Stuff, 30 ml, about € 6.35. Buy here

Organic Beauty

Smells gorgeous and completely without harmful ingredients

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