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The easy entry into the fair fashion world - the eBook Slow Down your Wardrobe


Something’s going on! And honestly, I am maximized at how much. Since I went online with my blogzine my-GREENstyle a little more than a year ago, I discovered countless like-minded bloggers. All with the same goal: to attract as many people as possible with their own enthusiasm for fair fashion and to act sustainable. And because you can move together more than everyone else by themselves, some great projects have already taken place – from and with committed German bloggers.

Slow down your wardrobe

On the occasion of the Fashion Revolution Week 2016 many of us have posted their personal Fair Fashion outfit – everyone on another day. We have linked the pages to each other in order to present the readers a broad spectrum of sustainable looks.

Slow down your Wardrobe – #FairFashionRulz

In January 2017, I went to a fantastic fair-fashion blogger lounge on the occasion of the great VinoKilo project of Kim during the fashion week in Berlin. It is always so great to exchange ideas with like-minded people, to get new ideas, to enlarge the network.

We wanted to the same here in Munich, so the first #FairFashionForward Blogger Lounge in Munich was held during the Fashion Revolution Week 2017, which I organized together with Marisa from my-fairladies.net, so that the South German bloggers get to know each other better and can support each other.

Slow down your wardrobe

Close-up of Kunstkinder

Fashion Revolution Week 2017: Slow down your Wardrobe – eBook

It all began as a small idea in a Facebook group, which now has a lot of bloggers who write about sustainability. Everyone in his own way. Everyone with his own focus. From this virtual group a real community has emerged. And there are a lot of fantastic projects that have the same goal: we want to show that fashion and lifestyle can be stylish AND sustainable. We want to show how we make our wardrobes fair, sustainable and transparent. But whoever is concerned with fair and sustainable fashion needs a good portion of perseverance. There are fantastic labels to be found. One has to deal with opaque certifications and one should know its alternatives, which allow a conscious handling of fashion.

Slow down your wardrobe

Close-up of Kim Gerlach

The eBook for Easy Entry – Slow down your Wardrobe

We are over 30 bloggers, all of us dealing with Fair Fashion more or less long, talking with labels, discovering exciting fashion, tucking us through certification labyrinth … And why should we keep our cluttered knowledge for us? The goal is to inspire as many people as possible for the conscious handling of fashion. This has now resulted in the eBook Slow down your Wardrobe of Blogger’s Guide to Ethical Fashion. Responsibly organized by Amina, who blogs on stellamina.com and Anna, one of the two Kunstkinder of kunstkinder-mag.de. The two Power-Girls have collected and designed all our contributions with incredibly great effort and attention to detail – tadaaa! – the wonderful eBook for the #wardroberevolution Slow down your Wardrobe.

Slow down your wardrobe

30 bloggers have contributed their knowledge

At this point a huge thank you to the two and to all the other wonderful bloggers who put their XL-knowledge into this book. For us. For you. For all. And especially for a little bit better world.

And now comes the very best: You can download the eBook Slow down your Wardrobe for free at wardroberevolution.org.


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