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Why am I a Wiesn fan? Almost 20 years ago on the Wiesn discovered - and meanwhile the father of my children


You like them, or you do not like them. In any case I LOVE the Oktoberfest. And this has at least two reasons: Firstly – I was born in Munich and the Wiesn belongs to the Bavarian capital as the Brezn to the beer. Secondly, I met my husband here. So we have an appointment at the beginning every year for traditional romantic reasons. Of course in traditional costumes. In what else.

And my dirndl? My mother bought it in Zell am See in 1956 and I took it over at some time. And I have worn this dirndl when I met my husband. I have been wearing this since 1998 every year. Fairly sustainable, right?

nachhaltige Dirndl

This Dirndl my mother has bought in Austria in 1956 – and I still wear it

My Dirndl I wear since 1998 – fairly sustainable, or?

Speaking of the traditional costume: In my youth there was hardly anything more embarrassing than to go public in the Dirndl through the city. Today, the dress has once again got a whole new value for us Munich-based. Perhaps this is something like a cautious local patriotism? Anyway. For all those who are looking for contemporary and traditional costume – finally there are also sustainable Dirndl.

Traditional costume trend 2017: Sustainable Dirndl

Traditional costume trend. What a silly word. What have traditional costumes to do with trends? Costumes are traditional. There are different cuts, new colors, also new fabrics (for example, Indian sari fabrics or African textiles). But trends? Definitely not. Well, something must be written every year again in the magazines on- and offline. And this year I am also writing something about it.

The Wiesn is now finally green!

Finally there is a real, still quite, very small trend: sustainable Dirndl! Apart from the fact that traditional costumes are produced quite slow, I looked around for a traditional costume that is actually “green”. And I have found it! From a big player and a small design studio.

Sustainable Dirndl # 1: Céline Vogel

The Munich designer Céline Vogel, with her eponymous label, founded in June 2017, goes for her first Oktoberfest and sets a clear statement against mainstream and mass. Eco-certified cotton, silk, lace – the entire processing of the luxurious materials takes place in a traditional manufactory in Bavaria. Her trademark: the Dirndl, limited to 20 pieces, is laced on the back. Sweet detail: Inspired by her surname, the designer named her dirndl after bird species. Available for 995 Euro (including color matching choker) in the studio or at celinevogel.com

nachhaltige Dirndl

Dirndl Made in Bavaria by Céline Vogel

Sustainable Dirndl # 2: Greenline by Angermaier

Dirndl, Blouses, Corsets, Garter Skirts, Lederhosen – the Munich traditional house Angermaier, with its “greenline by Angermaier”, is the world’s first sustainable traditional costume collection. Production takes place exclusively in Europe, mainly in Austria. Due to a limited selection of fabrics in the traditional costume sector, Angermeier has also produced its own fabrics according to the Ökotex standard and in 2017 offers a complete collection certified according to Ökotex Standard 100. They uses sustainable cotton, linen and rhubarb leather, which is completely chrome-free tanned and dyed with environmentally friendly, certified paints. Dirndl by greenline by Angermaier, from 289 Euro, at trachten-angermaier.de

nachhaltige Dirndl

Dirndl “Katja” by greenline by Angermaier

“Green Accessories” for sustainable Dirndl

Oktoberfest Bag

Money bag, lip gloss, telephone – even if one does not need much on the Wiesn, one or the other must be stowed away. The most stylish and sustainable bag for the Dirndl is, in my opinion, this handmade XS bag made of eco-leather. The jewelery was created from a cooperation of the Munich jewellery label COCii with the handbag label KATHRINHEUBECK, also from Munich. Pouch “Lux Pouch Coop” by COCii, about 165 Euro at cocii.de

nachhaltige Dirndl

Small, practical, stylish and lasting – the pouch of COCii

Wiesn shoes

My favorite on the Wiesn are ballerinas. These are comfortable, ensure a safe footstep and are the only true stylish alternative to traditional costume shoes. Attention, absolute no-go: sneaker! And the most beautiful, classic AND sustainable ballerinas for before, during and after the Oktoberfest are available at the Hamburg label Nine to Five. Ballerina #bolhao black by Nine to Five, around 159 euros at ninetofive.biz

nachhaltige Dirndl

Classic, durable and comfortable – the ballerinas from Nine to Five

Stylish nail polish

On my visit to the wonderful Augsburger Organic Beautystore GREENGLAM, I found the perfect Wiesn varnish. The beauty store has developed together with the vegan nail polish label OZN a “wiesngreen” 7-free nail polish. I say thank you, because this year we go without health-damaging ingrediants to the Oktoberfest. Nail Polish “the Edition # 2” by OZN x GREENGLAM, 12 ml, by 14,99 Euro, at greenglam.de

nachhaltige Dirndl

Vegan, 7 free and wiesngreen – the nail polish of OZN x GREENGLAM

Upcycling jewelry

Edelweiss, “Isar Kindl” or a crispy Brezn – Munich’s upcycling label Fesch with Trash presents a second life to crown caps, and hand-made from the supposedly useless bottle caps, earrings, pendants & Co. with typical Munich motifs. Earrings “Blubb”, at 19.90 Euro at fesch-mit-trash.de

nachhaltige Dirndl

A second life for bottle caps – upcycling from Munich

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