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I dream of sun, sand and lush green nature


Wanderlust! Walk barefoot through the warm sand, let the sun shine on your belly, whirl around with the children in the water. Do nothing. Or at least very little. Why, right now, you might ask. Quite simply: At the moment I meet with friends who have booked a paradise holiday in Bali, spend the year in Mexico, or have been on a trip around the world with their children for a few months. The latter always send pictures of the happily relaxed family from the beaches in Mexico, Guatemala & Co. Currently they have rented themselves in a dreamy beach hut on Koh Phayam in Thailand for a whole month. Well, that stokes my wanderlust neatly. But the next summer will come. And until then I dream with a few memories and my travel-outfit of MY last trip.


Uncomplicated and quite flexible – my friend “Lotta”

my-GREENstyle-Look: Travel-Outfit

Again and again I am asked how we can manage to travel with so little luggage. Quite simply: Because I do not want to pack tons of clothes, still after the holidays again 1000 parts to unpack and then still wash everything. You do not need much, especially in the summer, I think. Even the children did not. They are going through with their favorite t-shirt anyway. It depends on the right pieces.


I dream of sun, sand and lush green nature

With this travel outfit I dream of next summer

My Summerholiday-Capsule-Wardrobe I can almost count on one hand: a short cut jeans, a pair of t-shirts and one or two shirts, leather flip flops or birkenstocks, sunglasses, hat, bikini, a hamam cloth – and since this year the super-light, incredibly comfortable and suitable for every occasion fitting pants “Lotto” by the German designer Maria Seifert.


Overstriped and equipped for all events

The organic cotton darling can be styled very flexibly – from the casual city-trip to the casual chic evening companion – that you would not want to take off – except perhaps on the beach. And hey – “Lotta” is on sale. Instead of 179 euros, you can order the GOTS-certified favorite pants for 109 Euros – and then it can accompany you in the next vacation! Trousers “Lotto” by Maria Seifert, at 109 Euro. Available via mariaseifert.com

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