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I had not expected to make such great discoveries in Nuremberg


# 1 Best of Vivaness: Natural Soda Deodorant by Ben & Anna

When Anna became pregnant, she decided to leave with Ben Berlin and settle in her homeland of Hesse in the country. As vegans, the two have always paid attention to what they consume. For the young couple, sustainable products, organic food and natural cosmetics were self-evident. Anna has long been looking for a vegan deodorant, which has not been tested on animals and should be aluminum free. When she found nothing suitable, she decided to take the subject herself. The result are five different, natural unisex deodorants: cedar wood + juniper, bergamot + lime, lavender + sage, ylang ylang + calendula and a fragrance-free variant. I have sniffed at all – my favorite is Bergamot + Lime. Available as a deodorant stick or creamerie at ben-anna.com. Price: from 7,95 Euro

Best of Vivaness

Vegan and good: aluminum-free Deo from Hesse

# 2 Best of Vivaness: Organic food supplements from Pukka

The Pukka stand is like a small oasis in all the hustle and bustle on the exhibition grounds. First drink a cup of tea and relax a bit, I thought. And while I drink “Wonderberry Green”, the new green tea with fruit, Tim Westwell, one of the two Pukka founders joins my table and I get the news to the brand new food supplements first hand. You can keep what you want with food supplements. But for some time I try through different providers. The more enthusiastic I was, Pukka is now a purely herbal possibility, as I can provide for a balance in my body. Available now are four lines for different needs. Perfect for spring: clean greens. Good to know: Kurkuma wholistic is pain-relieving. Available at Basic. Prices: 20 – 30 euros

Best of Vivaness

Perfect for spring: absolutely try!

# 3 Best of Vivaness: Toothbrushes Humble Brush

The Swedish company Humble Brush, which was developed by leading dentists worldwide, meets sustainability with social responsibility. Through the use of the fast-growing raw material bamboo, the environmentally-friendly toothbrushes from Humble Brush can be exchanged without any worries every three months, as recommended by dentists. The ergonomically shaped handles also provide plaque-free teeth at the final angle of the mouth and are 100% biodegradable. The BPA-free nylon brushes are available as soft and medium versions for adults and in an ultra-soft version for children. The stylish toothbrushes are packaged in a transparent plant made foil and a recycled cardboard box. One Brush – two smiles. The HumbleSmile Foundation, which supplies children with need with sustainable toothbrushes worldwide, is supported with every sold toothbrush. Sounds good, is good and my daughters and me I immediately got one. Get on humblesmile.org. Price: about 5 Euro

Best of Vivaness

Sustainable AND socially: the bamboo toothbrushes from Sweden

# 4 Best of Vivaness: Charcoal Toothpaste by My Magic Mud

Name, packaging and the inventor of this black miracle toothpaste from the USA give a truly unique overall package. Yes, right, the toothpaste is black. And this is due to the extremely high proportion of activated carbon, which in turn is responsible for the particularly cleaning and also bleaching effect. Bleached here is not with harmful abrasive particles, but with the natural properties of the “black gold”. Jessica Amann developed the magic toothpaste for her children. First in powder form and then due to the high demand also in the usual pastes variant. Available as mild-sweet cinnamon and fresh peppermint. 18 euros at niche-beauty.com

Best of Vivaness

Cleans, bleaches and makes a lot of fun thanks to black foam

#5 Best of Vivaness: Birkenstock Natural Care

The fact that Birkenstock has made fantastic footbeds and has undergone an image change from the “eco-shoe” to the Hipster-sandal should not have escaped anyone. But the German traditional company now uses its unique expertise in other fields. This year there will be Birkenstock beds, which I have already written on the VOGUE. And with the certified Natural Care cosmetic line, another fantastic novelty is coming out this autumn. With five complete series Birkenstock covers different skin needs (moisture, anti-aging, cleansing, men and foot care). Resource-saving packaging and intelligent refill systems. Good to know: Birkenstock would not be Birkenstock, cork would not play a supporting role. Of course, the entire line is based on the main active ingredient cork oak extract. There are no prices yet.

Best of Vivaness

Available from autumn: natural cosmetics by Birkenstock

# 6 Best of Vivaness: Aromatic bath by I want you naked

That taking a bath is pure wellness for me, should not have escaped anyone. The more pleased I was, when I discovered the stand of the eco-label “I want you naked”, which produces their beauty darlings in Munich by hand. After I sniffed myself through the handmade shower soaps (my tip: poppy & mint with a natural peeling effect), the fragrant Bodypeelings (hmmm, Matcha!) And the wonderful shaving soaps, I am – of course! – with the aromatic baths (also as a refill) stuck. My favorite sea salt, nettle & ginger, I have tried long and my conclusion: cloud 7! Good to know: The porcelain and glass crucibles with bamboo covers are, by the way, so beautiful that one almost hopes, the product tends to end, so that they can be used as small jewelry boxes & Co.. My favorite aromatic bath in tasting size is to get for 5 euros here

Best of Vivaness

Down into the tub: Aromatic bath Made in Munich. I love

# 7 Best of Vivaness: Bathing tea from Badefee

Probably I landed on the stand of Badefee, because I had already appetite after my crossing of the food fair Biofach. As the name suggests, bathing products (handmade in Germany) are nothing eatable, but everything looks so delicious (bath chocolate, petit fours, cupcakes!) That you would like to bite. I’ve decided the Eco bathing tea Green Tea White Mallow and can not wait to dive the fragrant sachet into my bathing water. The bathing tea green tea white mallow of Badefee you get at Douglas for about 5 euros

Best of Vivaness

Bathing tea from Badefee – the seventh heaven very close!

# 8 Best of Vivaness: Conditioner by Urtekram

Actually, I was already on my way to the outside as I passed the Urtekram stand. I had never heard of it, but the packaging design approached me. Sure, Urtekram also comes from Denmark and the Scandinavians know just how good design goes. In this case it is the largest Scandinavian wholesaler for certified sustainable food and natural cosmetics. And apparently the body and hair care is not just noticeable to me, because Urtekram was awarded the Vivaness Best Product Award 2017. I just tried the lavender conditioner and the next is the Brown Sugar Shampoo for irritated scalp. The conditioner is available for 7,95 Euro at najoba.de

Best of Vivaness

Sustainable hair care from Scandinavia: Urtekram

And so you also see that I was really at the fair in Nuremberg – I was stalked while testing at the stand of “I want you naked” from the exhibition photographer and somehow landed in the collection of the press pictures on the fair page. Thank you, Franziska of @VeggieLove for the information 🙂

Best of Vivaness

Before Paparazzis you are simply safe nowhere …

PS: Of course, I made a lot more discoveries, which I will soon present in my Best of Vivaness Part II!

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