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Bio-Botox: youthful radiance without injection


Bio instead Botox? Sounds good and has numerous prominent fans. Besides Duchess Kate profess it, also fashion guru Karl Lagerfeld and Michelle Obama publicly show their enthusiasm for the mode of action of Biotulin, the new anti-aging miracle substance from nature. Not surprisingly, this magic potions was developed in the beauty stronghold California.

Bio instead Botox? Numerous stars put on the wonder weapon from nature

Bio instead Botox? Numerous stars put on the wonder weapon from nature

But what is Biotulin and what it can?

Biotulin is a non-prescription cosmetic obtained from herbal ingredients (e.g. paracress, silver hair grass). In its impact, it is like a Botox treatment. Sounds good, but how does it work? The non-prescription gel that is applied as a lotion, has slightly hypnotic properties. It affects the muscles for a few hours and compensates fine wrinkles. Practical: The effect occurs already after 60 minutes. With regular use of the natural aging process should be slowed down. It is a cosmetic active ingredient and not a drug (Botox), the results are of course not comparable. For Sure that Botox has a much greater effect – but the side effects (masklike appearance) of this unfortunately much too widespread purpose weapon are also correspondingly conspicuous. Conclusion: Better bio than Botox!

Good to know: Biotulin has not been tested on animals.

Biotulin Supreme Skin Gel, 15 ml, about 49.99 euros. Buy now


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