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My new favorite? The denim blouson from Tencel


I would like to know if there is actually a wardrobe without jeans jacket. For my part, I would at least claim that I can prove the possession of this classic without gaps since my primary school. Times as a classic cut of Levi’s, sometimes as a blazer replacement with lapels, times as (okay, that is long ago) short jacket. And now the fashion classic as ultimate denim blouson made of fine Tencel moved in to me. High time for a new my-GREENstyle look. But this will not be the last when you´ll see the denim blouson..


My-GREENstyle-Look: Denim-Blouson

There are garments that can be used for almost any occasion. Some parts look so great that you are always asked what label they are. Other parts are incredibly comfortable. And when all these factors meet, this is not just a real hit, then you’re a happy owner of a real favorite piece. And just as an all-time favorite is my denim blouson by Lanius. Wonderfully light. Casual fit. And with super-sweet details. Quite apart from the fact that it was produced from Tencel in a sustainable, fair and environmentally friendly way. I have been wearing this wonderful denim blouson for some time now to my favorite purist clothes, my sketchy blue pencil-skirts, shorts and, of course, jeans.

Denim blouson ||| Sporty, casual, elegant? No matter! Because the denim blouson from Tencel from Lanius makes everything from the beer garden visit to the office appointment, it is always the right choice. And that is why it is now as good as ever. By the way: Open worn, it is already a real favorite. But with a closed zipper it even surpasses itself! I wear by the way here size 36. Denim-Blouson from 100 percent Tencel, by 159 Euro. From Lanius




Espandrilles ||| There are few shoes that I connect more with holidays than Espandrilles. I inherited this thrust from my father, who, as a world traveler, had stumbled upon the Spanish shoes at an early age, and later struck me with his enthusiasm. These are called “Copper Slipper” (price: 75 Euro) and are my absolute favorites. Fair and sustainable ifrom Menorca, the home of Julia Hernández, who lives next to me in my street and makes for her label Jutelaune the greatest, most timeless and best Espandrilles ever. Hop over and the sun will rise

Shirt ||| I discovered Greentee last year at the Munich Press Days. Apart from the fact that greentee is eco & social and also comes from Munich, the cool basics inspired me because of their refined details like nets, cellar folds & Co.. My shirt is not buyable anymore, but you should look at the great parts on greentee.world. Another outfit possibility? Together with the cork clutch, this shirt makes also a fantastic figure at this look.


Jeans ||| Who knows me personally, knows my flaming lectures on the topic of denim production and its negative effects on humans and the environment. And that is why my entire circle of friends now also knows the German eco-denim label Goodsociety. Because after my talk, everyone wants to know where you can find cool alternatives as a jeans fan, which can be bought with a good conscience. All information about Goodsociety can be found in my label portrait

Sunglasses ||| The glasses “Chelsea Black” is from Toms. What I love about it – apart from the fact that it is perfectly cut and super sitting? Every time you buy a pair of sunglasses from Toms, the company gives eyesight to a person. One for One. The entire collection is here

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