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Color, please! Sunny yolk yellow now lifts my mood!


When I look at the pictures now, I think I should have brought much more color into the game. Too late, but for the cautious entry into the world of pop colors, a single piece of clothing with maximum color flash power is perhaps the right dose anyway. Who wants to look, so whether he has fallen into the color pot. Quite apart from the somewhat difficult combination of bright color and distinguished winter pallies … And for my color flash experiment, the egg yolk yellow wool pullover just came to me. For much too long in my wardrobe, he ensures from now on in cloudy weather for a color balance. Good mood guaranteed!

Color flash

My good-mood favorite? Yellow! Goes also with other colors

My-GREENstyle: Color Flash with egg yolk yellow

Pullover ||| Scarcely one color makes the sun so lightly as gold in my heart. Fortunately, I have found a glorious 70ies-inspired sustainable alternative from Armedangels (59.90 euros) to my second hand fund. Fair produced with 100% organic cotton. And here´s the one

Color flash

Yellow, more yellow, the yellowest – this is not right, but how would you call the color

Knitted Coat ||| In the transitional period, I love long knitwear and woolen coats. Cuddly soft and comfortably warm make each outfit jerkily. And great details like the toggle buttons, refined lapel ensure a real highlight. I found a sustainable alternative for my vintage duffle coat at Jan ‘n June. The Eco-Darling “Coat Europa” (259 Euro) is cut so hot and made from organic cotton and recycled polyester. And here´s the one

Color flash

Knitwear and woolen coats are my transitional favorites

Trousers ||| Sorry, even a find from the second hand, but I love the casual pants for several reasons. It is wonderfully comfortable, masculine inspired and wonderfully warm thanks to warming wool. In the search of substitute I had some problems, but then I have found something that personally inspires me maximum. The mottled sweat pant made of organic cotton by Wunderwerk is at least as comfortable and probably a bit cooler. Can they be a) more versatile and b) the much-lauded athletes trend indulge. The sweat pant is here

Too sporty and too narrow for your taste? Then the wonderfully light made from German Loden in Lithuania – I call her now – long-culotte (in the sale, 99 euro) from VONHUND is the right choice. And they are here

Color flash

No idea why – but currently I love my pants IN the shoes

Shoes ||| I do not know exactly whether I should hope that despite the sun-longing, it is still a little with the change of the season. Because in my Docs I am still in love. And they probably have a summer break from May to October. The vegan Doc Martens (169,50 Euro) are here


I will definitely miss my Docs in the summer

Bag ||| XL bags I have long sorted out and instead put on super-chic crossbody bags. My Nine to Five boho bag #angel for unavoidable things also has space for my laptop. I have shown it sometimes, but the #bank (119 euros), the small #boho sister has for the everyday life the perfect size. And they are here

Color flash

From a certain age you should put on color. Now it’s time



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