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Beauty for licking of Ringana


Can you imagine how many times I have the subject icecream as a mother of 10-year-old twins at home? And of course, I have always something on hand. Once as a vanilla shake, sometimes a scoop of fresh fruits, sometimes homemade ice lollies. And why don´t you eat ice cream, Mom? Clearly, if I every time eat an ice cream when my daughters yearn for the delicious cold food, the two could roll me probably soon out the door. After all, you burn as desktop worker significantly less than ten years’ Wild with an enviable XL-energy, which are on their feet the whole day, anyway everything put back on the run, because “slow” for them is not an issue.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for icecream – from my favorite movie “Dawn by Law” by Jim Jarmusch

My favorite icecream of the season

And now I’ve found the perfect ice cream for me. As an acknowledged beauty fan I’m in no time enthusiastic for such ideas. The Austrian natural cosmetics company Ringana has expressed me. They have a fantastic series of vital substances at Ringana consisting of Ringana Pack d-etary, Ringana dea_ _ and Ringana Pack antiox. My favorite is currently the antiox product because as a sun worshipper I have to do something for my skin. It supports the body’s defenses. And when our skin is working after a day at the lake or seaside on high pressure, selected antioxidants yet also take care of cell-damaging free radicals. Just for no misunderstanding: The product does not protect against sunburn, etc.!

And so I come to my daily ration icecream

Just resolve one sachet in a glass of water is boring. Much better: mix the content of the package with water or fruit juice and 50 grams of pureed blueberries. In the freezer and then E.N.J.O.Y.! Now I have always delicious Beauty in the house. For me, of course.


Ringana antiox – strengthens body´s defense and helps the skin after sun exposure

Price: 26 packs to € 58.90. Buy here

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