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May not be missing: Mr. Green is looking forward to the Christmas season


I love this wood, it is so wonderfully soft washed and incredibly hard. Anyone who has tried to tinker, who knows what I mean. It can not be bent into any shape. Somehow stubborn. Always different. And really nice. We always collect it when we spend a day at the lake. From this my little daughters will make little works of art like picture frames (photo below). Or Dreamcatcher, to which all sorts of treasures are hung. Incidentally, long pieces are an artistic alternative to flowers when arranged in a vase. And wonderfully sustainable Advent wreaths you can also tinker with it. After Christmas, the artwork wanders into a cellar in a pretty box and will simply be reused in the coming year.

nachhaltige Adventskränze

That the candles are completely straight I have never done. Do you have a hint?

For all those of you who are not by chance having a XL storage with this great wood in the basement, I took a look at Pinterest and collected some creative ideas for sustainable Advent wreath

Inspirations for sustainable Advent wreaths

Minimalist recycling

Bought no Advent wreath? Do not panic, because this wonderfully minimalist recycling variant can be crafted in no time at all. A few pretty bottles (they do not have to be the same), a package cord and nail polish for the numbers everyone has at home. Tried out? Then post a picture with the hashtag #GreenXmasChallenge on Instagram. I’m curious!

Grandma’s enamel mug …

… come to the fore with this Advent wreath. A bit of fir green, dry leaves & Co. and little balls from the tree (we need that only after the 4th Advent) conjure in no time from great cups creative wreaths. It also works with chestnuts, shells and all the wonderful things that accumulate over the year. Just take a look around the apartment – the ideas will come by themselves.

Wooden discs as a tray

I think the idea is great and if I did not already have a wreath, I would implement it smoothly. Pretty wood sections are often in garden centers or along the way at the next woodland walk. They stay sometimes after tree works. Four candles on top, eucalyptus branch, Ilex & Co. in between. Finished!

After the tomato comes the wreath

You do not really have to say much about this sweet idea. This “wreath” explains itself. A small tip, so that the candles do not tip over? Fill the tin with stones and fix the candle in it, or use sticky material (available from the flower shop).

Do not miss: You can find more ideas at puristica-eco.life

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